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Policies and guidelines WMF Support and Safety
This page provides information on the "WMF Support and Safety" (wmf-supportsafety) group on Meta.

The WMF Support and Safety group was created to allow members of the Wikimedia Foundation Trust and Safety team to lock accounts, globally block IPs, rename users and change user rights globally while ensuring it is all centrally logged on Meta instead of having the ability to do it globally via a global group.


This usergroup gives a user the following rights:

Right Description Reason

Allow the user to change any user rights.

This right used to be a global "Staff" right but is now being limited only to Stewards and Support & Safety staff and only to be done from meta. This allows them to give and remove rights for staff accounts as needed as well as the rare removals for Trust & Safety issues or banned users.


Allows users to lock or unlock global accounts.

This allows the staff members to lock accounts when they are no longer with staff or need to be locked for other official reasons such as global bans, Trust & Safety issues or legal concerns. It will also allow them to unlock both to fix mistakes or for when the concern is alleviated. It is being moved to a local meta right to allow it to be logged on meta exclusively.


Allows users to change userrights crosswiki from meta.

This allows the staff members to change userrights on other wikis from meta to allow it to be centrally logged for better, central, transparency instead of having it spread out across small wikis.


Allows users to globally block IPs from meta.

This allows the staff members to block IPs globally for Trust & Safety or legal reasons and to do so only from Meta for better logging and transparency.


Allows users to rename global users from meta.

This allows the staff members to globally rename users from meta, usually for staff account renames or the rare abusive name that is unable to be hidden that is found during their work.