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This page provides information about the WMF Trust and Safety (wmf-supportsafety) group on Meta-Wiki.

The WMF Trust and Safety group (previously named WMF Support and Safety) was created in 2016 to allow members of the Wikimedia Foundation Trust and Safety team to perform some actions on user accounts ensuring they all get centrally logged on Meta-Wiki.


Membership in this user group grants the following user rights (see Brugergrupperettigheder):

  • Egne redigeringer vises automatisk som patruljerede (autopatrol)
  • Lås global konto eller lås op (centralauth-lock)
  • Omdøb globale kontoer (centralauth-rename)
  • Undertryk eller skjul global konto (centralauth-suppress)
  • Redigere indholdsmodellen for en side (editcontentmodel)
  • Tilføje og fjerne globale blokeringer (globalblock)
  • Send en besked til flere brugere på én gang (massmessage)
  • Disable two-factor authentication for a user (oathauth-disable-for-user)
  • Enable two-factor authentication (oathauth-enable)
  • Verify whether a user has two-factor authentication enabled (oathauth-verify-user)
  • Access the log of two-factor authentication changes (oathauth-view-log)
  • Ændre brugerrettigheder på andre wikier (userrights-interwiki)
  • Ændre alle brugerrettigheder (userrights)