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Minipedia voting allows the readers to decide which pages are most important.

All writers on Wikipedia probably know their own area best. But Wikipedias should also have articles on other subjects that are important. Minipedia makes a list of what all readers think are the most important articles to have.

The list is made by counting the votes. Each user has three votes. You vote for pages that you think should be in every Wikipedia. You can vote on the discussion page for each Minipedia page, in the section called 'Votes'. If it is not there yet, simply create a new section with that name.

You vote for a page by editing the Votes section, and adding a line #~~~~ to the end of that section. Add more lines for more votes. If you want, you can also remove your vote again, for example if you want to vote for an other page. After you add or remove a vote, edit the Minipedia page to move the entry to the appropriate section.

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