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Module:Grant Reports

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This page will keep track of Grant Reports submitted by Wikimedia Affiliates in relations to the Reports page here: WADP on Meta-Wiki.


Each entry looks like this:

		unique_id = 'dyfmq45x96v',
		group_name = 'Learning & Evaluation User Group',
		report_type = 'Project Grant',
		start_date = '02/01/2018',
		end_date = '05/30/2018',
		total_budget = '4000',
		currency = 'USD',
                report_link = 'link-to-report-page',
		partnership_info = {'Other'},
		dos_stamp = '2019-06-26T21:28:04.444Z',


First, a note on the general syntax: editing these entries is comparable to editing templates on Wikipedia such as infoboxes, but with a few key differences:

  • Each "block" is wrapped in curly brackets, with a comma following each entry, as you can see above.
  • To add a new entry, add a block like above below the last entry, but before the final } on the bottom of the module that closes off the whole thing.
  • Each value after the equals sign has to be surrounded in single quote marks. Here we use single-quotes instead of double quotes. If, however, you want to use an apostrophe, you will need to escape it with a backslash. For example: Wikimedia\'s mission is to make knowledge available to everyone.
  • partnership_info is a special key that takes as value and array and this in Lua is done with curly braces {} and it's comma separated to distinct the values from one another.
  • Indenting is not strictly necessary but it does look nice.


  • unique_id is used to distinguish each entry even when the other values change. It does not need to follow a specific pattern but it does need to be unique.
  • group_name is the name used by the affiliate (User Group, Chapter etc). This should in most cases be a recognized affiliate listed in the Wikimedia Movement Affiliates page on Meta-Wiki.
  • report_type, this describes the type of Grant report the affiliate in concern is submitting. For example; Annual plan, Project Grant etc.
  • start_date is the start date of the reporting.
  • end_date is the end date of the reporting.
  • total_budget is the total budget of an affiliate (for example a Chapter) that is been reported at the end of a quarter or a fiscal year.
  • currency is the currency used by the affiliate in reporting. Mostly, it's the currently used in the affiliates country. Sometimes the affiliate can report in USD.
  • report_link is the link to the report submitted (for that current year) by the affiliate.
  • partnership_info is the type of partnership collaboration that a particular affiliate is engaged in as part of their activities.
  • dos_stamp stands for date of submission stamp and this is the timestamp that this entry/report was submitted.


The strings of text presented on the Grant Report form are stored in Template:i18n/Reports and can be translated through the Translate interface.

Note that this module stores English versions. To update English text, you should update this module directly.

Even if you are editing this module by hand, there is no need to update Template:i18n/Reports by hand, (however, if you see that Template:i18n/Reports needs to be marked for translation, you are welcome to do so!)

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