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This is a page for Thematic Affiliates to discuss our selector for the Movement Charter.

What is this?[edit]

The Movement Charter will be a foundational document for our movement, detailing how we organize our movement in the future. It's important to get a good group of people representing the wide diversity of our movement and with diverse skillsets to draft the document; 72 candidates have self-nominated to join the Movement Charter Drafting Committee.

Affiliates get to select 6 people on the drafting committee. The Affiliates have been split into 8 geographic regions and all of us non-regional groups have been put together as one "Thematic Affiliates" group. Each of these 9 groups will appoint 1 "selector" who will work with the other 8 selectors to select candidates for the Movement Charter Drafting Committee.

This page is to decide how we as Thematic Affiliates will select our selector. We must do this prior to October 10.

Ideas for how to make a decision[edit]

People willing to be a selector[edit]

When endorsing a selector, please indicate your thematic affiliate. Cast your endorsements by the end of the day on 10 October


Description: Wikimedia Digitization User Group

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LiAnna Davis[edit]

Description: chair, Wikipedia & Education User Group — I care deeply about ensuring the Movement Charter is as good a document as it can be, and I'm willing to serve as a selector to ensure the voices of thematic groups are heard among members of the Drafting Committee.

Nattes à chat[edit]

Description: Active on Fr-wikipedia since 2015, occasionally on en-wp (also contributing to wikidata, wikisource, wikiquote & commons), founder of les sans pagEs, president of the association les sans pagEs , member of the conflict of interest committee of Wikimedia France, member of the LBTIQ user group, of Women in Red, dedicated to LGBTIQ and gender issues, as well as letting the the underrepresented voices in our movement be heard. I am/was also involved in GLAM projects, for example teaching Wikipedia in the gender studies department at the University of Geneva.


Nattes à chat was appointed as the thematic affiliates selector.

What skillsets/perspectives do we want on the Movement Charter Drafting Committee?[edit]

  • Actively contributes to MediaWiki software
  • Has experience in a thematic program/group, to represent our views in the Movement Charter drafting of the Thematic Hub definition
    • Preference for education program from the Wikipedia & Education User Group! :) But really any thematic, cross-regional group/program is fine.
  • Add yours here!