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This page is a translated version of the page Movement Charter/Content/Preamble and the translation is 21% complete.

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Gerakan Wikimedia matetujon pacang ngembangang, nyuratang, lan mebasang kasadiaan pengetahuan sane bebas secara global. Piagam Gerakan Wikimedia kawujud antuk mendefinisiang napi nika gerakan Wikimedia kasarengin nilai lan prinsip dasarne. Piagam puniki silih sinunggil pasatujuan sosial sane masifat formal lan nlatarang hubungan antar-entitas ring tengah gerakan, kasarengin hak lan tanggung jawab ipune. Piagam puniki malaku indik entitas sane sampun wenten lan pacang kacipta ring masa sane pacang rauh.

The Charter exists with the agreement of the communities governed by it, through a formal ratification process. The Movement Charter applies to all members, entities and technical spaces within the Wikimedia movement, including but not limited to content contributors, projects, affiliates, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

To achieve our focus, the movement has developed a wide range of knowledge repositories (“the projects”) in multiple languages with different focuses. The projects are largely self-governed


, with respect to content creation and management, as well as community conduct. The movement also includes both organised and informal groups focused on specific matters or geographic regions. The role of these groups is to support the projects directly and indirectly. 

Supplementing these projects and groups is a comprehensive infrastructure with several roles. The infrastructure supports the technical needs of the movement. The infrastructure provides financial and other resources for ongoing development and retention of knowledge. The infrastructure endeavours to promote legal and regulatory environments that enable the movement, and the entities within it, to operate around the world. The infrastructure also supports content contributors, readers, and all others who are part of the global Wikimedia movement by promoting and advancing a safe and productive environment in which knowledge can be shared and consumed, where it is not feasible for a local project to do so itself. The nature and extent of the infrastructure support is limited by the movement’s values, resources, and restrictions imposed outside of the movement.


  1. This wording has been highlighted as a potential concern by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department, who proposed the following alternative wording: The projects are built with systems of self-governance. This was on two primary grounds:

    1. It may mislead external organisations (especially legislative bodies) into believing that there is no body capable of formally complying with legal obligations.
    2. Additionally, “largely” is fairly vague, and does not currently have any neighbouring sentences that provide sufficient clarity on either the reach or the limits to local project self-governance.

    The MCDC believes these are valid concerns, but that the general meaning should remain.


    Any suggestions and specific phrasings that can capture the meaning while satisfying Legal’s concerns would be very appreciated.

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