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The Movement Charter Drafting Committee is expected to start with 15 people.

A call for candidates is opened in many languages across the movement. The call is open to volunteers from wiki projects and affiliates as well as paid staff from affiliates and the Wikimedia Foundation.

The list of all candidates is public on Meta. The Diversity and Expertise matrices inform stakeholders about the desired qualities of the drafting committee.

Selection process will depend on the actual number of candidates:

  • If there are 20 or more candidates, a mixed election and selection process will happen.
  • If there are 19 or fewer candidates, then the process of selection without election takes place.

Nomination Process[edit]

  • All candidates to join the committee sign up on the page on Meta-Wiki, in a single pool regardless of affiliation.
  • Candidates are identified to the Foundation as they sign up and their eligibility (not sanctioned in any project) is confirmed.[1]
  • All candidates come from this pool.
  • Candidates cannot be selectors.

Scenario 1: Election + Appointment (if 20 or more candidates)[edit]

Step 1 - Elections[edit]

  • Election process will be used for choosing candidates from online project communities
  • Movement Strategy & Governance team at the Wikimedia Foundation will set up and facilitate the election process in collaboration with the communities
  • The 7 wiki project seats are elected through a ranked voting system with a constraint of no more than 2 elected members per wiki project.
  • The 7 top ranked candidates get a seat.

Step 2 - Selection[edit]

  • A selection group is created through a process where affiliates form a group of selectors capable of representing ESEAP, South Asia, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa, CEE, Western Europe, Latin America, and North America.
  • The approach will be agreed upon between affiliate representatives.
  • The task of the group of selectors is to nominate 6 seats in the Movement Charter Drafting Committee through ranking the candidates in the pool.
  • This ranking happens during the election, and results are published with the election results. After removing the 7 who got a seat through the election, the 6 top ranked candidates get a seat.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation designates 2 selectors to select 2 final seats of the committee.

Scenario 2: Appointment (if less than 20 candidates)[edit]

  • Affiliates and project communities (if not elected) form their respective groups of selectors (exact process to be defined) capable of representing regional and project diversity in our movement.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation designates 2 selectors.
  • The two separate lists are merged into one list with the top 10 candidates (a mathematical merge, calculation method to be defined).
  • The selection group (with all the selectors from the projects, the affiliates, and the Wikimedia Foundation) reviews the top 10 and adds about 5 more (some flexibility is allowed) to improve the diversity and competence of the committee.

Note: This process is based on the Wikimedia Foundation proposal and related discussions.


  1. Candidates for this position must submit proof of identity and evidence of age of majority as a condition of candidacy. This is necessary in order to manage the allowance for committee members. A copy of one of the following documents fulfills this: driver's license, passport or other official documentation indicating real name and age. This may be provided to the Wikimedia Foundation via email: secure-info(_AT_)