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This page is a translated version of the page Movement Charter/Drafting Committee and the translation is 7% complete.

The Movement Charter Drafting Committee (MCDC) are responsible to draft the Movement Charter.


Movement Charter Drafting Committee at the Wikimedia Summit 2022.

Skład grupy został uformowany 1 listopada 2021 roku poprzez połączenie wyborów oraz innych metod selekcji.


The MCDC includes members from projects, affiliates, and the Wikimedia Foundation. For further detail consult Drafting Committee matrices.

In accordance to a prior agreement, the MCDC members may receive an allowance to offset participation costs. It is US$100 every two months.

Current members of the MCDC (in no particular order, click for more details):

Former members

Supporting staff


The Committee is expected to keep working until the Movement Charter is ratified, which the current timeline forecasts mid 2024.


Aby skontaktować się z Komitetem Redakcyjnym Karty Ruchu, proszę użyć następującego adresu e-mail: movementcharter(_AT_)wikimedia.org