Movement Organizers/Assets

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This table contains the various assets created as part of the movement organizers research. For more information, visit the main portal: Movement Organizers. If you are interested in using these materials for support, consider contacting the Community Capacity Development team or Community Programs team.

English Language File Spanish Language File Description
The full report from the Movement Organizers research.
Venn Diagram showing the different kinds of motivations present among movement organizers.
Image detail how the Organizers research fits with other research done by the foundation.
Network diagram describing the common networks around organizers.
Extended network diagram showing satellite communities and what happens when organizers get disconnected from Meta Organizers.
The Organizing Journey showing experiences organizers typically described in their journeys.
An example journey.
A diagram showing the use of different kinds of communication for different tasks.
The diagram showing relative distribution of the personas from the research
The Personas Appendix from the full report. Personas are fictional representations of the experiences that community members shared in the research.