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What is this page?[edit]

This page organizes the implementation of one of the recommendation of the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy, namely: Invest in Skills and Leadership Development. This recommendation aims to develop Skills and Leadership in all wikimedia communities. This requires, primarily:

  • Identifying the particular needs of each of the wikimedia communities related to Skills and Leadership;
  • Create and apply means to develop these needs in all wikimedia communities;
  • Identify the needs of the societies where the wikimedia communities are inserted, regarding the capacity of active participation of wikimedia projects;
  • Create and develop methods to empower societies to actively participate in wikimedia projects.


This recommendation is further divided into the following three action lines, if you want to participate in these implementations, please sign your name to one or more of these specific action lines on its respective page:


You may receive support to lead or participate in the implementation of this recommendation by requesting a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant in one of the three skill development tracks:

  1. Needs Assessment for Skills Development: Includes an example that involves a needs assessment research to understand the learning profiles and needs of community members. This project is to help communities identify and define the main skills that they need.
  2. Translation of a Learning Resource: This idea is for communities ready to find and outline a specific skill development activity. This will involve taking current tools and delivering them for their community.
  3. Creating a New Learning Resource or Activity: An idea for creating learning tools to increase the management skills of affiliates.

Community projects[edit]

Below is a list of projects funded by the Movement Strategy Implementation Grants that fall within the topic of this recommendation:

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Past Discussions[edit]

Below are some of the previous discussions around this initiative: