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Стратегія/Рух Вікімедіа/2018—20/Рекомендації/Подяка

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This page is a translated version of the page Movement Strategy/Recommendations/Iteration 3/Gratitude and the translation is 17% complete.
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This strategy has been written by our Movement for our Movement, and that makes it unique. The 'gratitude,' 'welcome,' and 'process' sections were prepared by the core team. The main narrative of change, including the 13 recommendations and the underlying principles as well as the glossary were prepared by community and affiliate writers. Additional community-input material was gathered, translated and curated by the strategy liaisons. And together, they provide a roadmap and shed light on the context, give an overview of the process, and present key components of the Wikimedia 2030 strategy. It would not exist without many individuals from all corners of the world who joined this journey and made contributions along the way, in the spirit of progress, collaboration and open-mindedness, to envision the future of our Movement. It makes the diversity and richness of perspectives and contexts from our ecosystem a driving force for change, surfacing innovative ideas and real-life solutions.

Deepest gratitude to the writers who volunteered to bring the recommendations to a consolidated form and wrote the underlying principles that give roots to the strategy. Effort from all members of the nine thematic area working groups was instrumental throughout this process and greatly appreciated, particularly for the drafting of the recommendations and related conversations. These community leaders ensured rich discussions on key areas of change for the future of our Movement, and the recommendations to advance us towards the strategic direction.

Heartfelt appreciation is extended to local organizers, supporting staff, affiliate liaisons and community strategy liaisons who made this process a true global conversation. Gratitude is also extended to Wikimedia Foundation leadership and the Board of Trustees who have supported and participated in this process since inception and remain invaluable partners. Finally, this process remains indebted to countless individuals from across our Movement who contributed in on- and offline conversations and helped shape the content of this product and the thinking around it.