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Communications meetup at Wikimedia Conference 2017

The Movement communications group (MoveCom) is a mailing list for members of the Wikimedia movement engaged in communications efforts either with Wikimedia projects or movement affiliates.

The aim of the group is to support communications efforts and collaborations across the Wikimedia movement. This includes communication with the general public, the media, and the Wikimedia movement. The group's primary method of communication is its private mailing list.

The group is facilitated by the Communications Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department. The primary contact for the group within the Foundation's Communications department is Gregory Varnum (


Participants in Wikimedia movement affiliates and Wikimedia activities who are interested in engaging in or supporting movement communications efforts are encouraged to be part of the committee, and can request to be added to the mailing list (coming soon).


Individuals interested in joining the mailing list may request to do so via Meta-Wiki (coming soon).

If you require anonymity for personal safety reasons, please contact Gregory Varnum ( within the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications department. The Communications department will make a determination on your request in consultation with the Foundation's Trust and Safety team.


All members of the mailing list are identified here. Members requiring anonymity for safety related reasons will be listed as "Anonymous" along with their general affiliation.

Name Affiliation Notes
Gregory Varnum [Varnent / GVarnum-WMF] Wikimedia Foundation List moderator and primary group contact from Wikimedia Foundation
Samantha Lien [SLien (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation List moderator
Heather Walls [Heather (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Samir Elsharbaty [Selsharbaty (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Ed Erhart [The ed17 / Ed Erhart (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Blanca Flores [BFlores (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Aubrie Johnson [AJohnson (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Lena Traer [LTraer (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Adora Svitak [ASvitak (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Zachary McCune [ZMcCune (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Jove Oliver Minassian Media Wikimedia Foundation consultant
Craig Minassian Minassian Media Wikimedia Foundation consultant
Elise Flick Minassian Media Wikimedia Foundation consultant


The Movement communications group discusses and plans collaborations around communications efforts within the movement, such as:

  • Collaboration on movement-wide messaging and communications.
  • Working together on inquires from the media related to movement communications.
  • Planning and discussion related to major movement events and activities - such as project birthdays, regional conferences, Wikimania, and Wikimedia Hackthon.
  • Support of project and affiliate communications capacities - such as sharing ideas related to local communications activities, sharing best practices on use of social media, and seeking input on a new communications program.

Methods of communicating[edit]

Mailing list[edit]

Currently, the group primarily communicates via a private mailing list. The mailing list's archives are only available to members (making the list private) to facilitate discussions around press articles (which may be copyrighted or otherwise protected from public distribution) and embargoed announcements.

You can request to join on Meta-Wiki. (Coming soon)


All interactions and communication within the group, including on the group's mailing list, must follow the Wikimedia Foundation's Friendly space policy. Failure to follow this policy will result in removal from the group by the Wikimedia Foundation or Communications Committee.

Contacting the group[edit]

Anyone may contact the group with inquiries related to Wikimedia movement communications.

When to contact the group[edit]

Specifically, people are encouraged to contact the committee with:

  • Information on actions that may get attention from the press

How to contact the group[edit]

The best way to reach the committee is by sending an email to its private mailing list: -Coming soon- (note that to deal with spam, posts by non-members to the list are moderated).

Press liaisons[edit]

Anyone with a press inquiry or needing assistance with press outreach may contact the members of the Communications Department working with the press at:

Whenever possible, the Communications Department works with local volunteers, movement affiliates, and the Communications Committee to connect the press with local people working on the Wikimedia projects.


The group has a private mailing list to facilitate planning and discussions. Other resources available to the committee include:

  • General communications resources at the Communications Resource Center
  • The press & translation queues in OTRS
  • The press release distribution and archive software on


The Movement communications group was created by the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department in March 2019. It was created based on the March 2019 composition of the Communications committee mailing list, which at the time had approximately 200 members. As a part of reconfiguring the Communications committee into a smaller group, the Movement communications group was created as a replacement for the more expansive group.