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Movement roles project/List of open topics

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This rough list is transferred from notes of the March 2012 meeting in Berlin. It is a collection of individual contributions and comments which now need to be discussed and refined.

Make a connection between the communities and the structural ideas of recognition[edit]

  • Why organizations have anything to do with our work
  • How do we address issues related to individual editors, in a parallel way to this work we've done thinking about organizations?
  • Tie current concerns of editors to related MR topics
  • Consider a functional analysis, tying what WMF currently does and what non-foundation groups should support

List important topics and open questions that remain to be solved[edit]

  • A body
  • Roles of groups of editors and individual contributors (as in 1.)
  • Roles matrix
  • A global charter
  • Annual planning coordination
  • Committees that need creation (strategy, volunteer council, global requests committee)
  • Appoint a community Language Contact Person for each language, and a Project Contact Person for each wiki, improving on the old Embassy and translator models
  • A review process for new and old content projects
  • Define a pan-movement mediation process
  • A mechanism to more directly engage the developer community