Movement roles/Working group meeting 2011-3-18

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Bishakha [73f28c74@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room. (11:56:24)
11:58:57 Austin: Hi Bishakha
11:59:24 Bishakha: Hi! In the middle of a women's wiki workshop in Kolkata :)
11:59:41 Austin: Awesome
12:00:12 Bishakha: so will try my best to focus on MR too...
12:00:41 Austin: I think there are just a few things we need to cover
12:01:15 Austin: It looks like Jon didn't send a reminder e-mail for today's meeting, and since I didn't notice, neither did I.
12:01:56 Austin: Lodewijk is, I think, on an airplane right now
12:02:23 Austin: Arne and Delphine are both flagged as idle on IM
12:02:29 Austin: Jon is in Australia
lyzzy [~lyzzy@wikimedia/lyzzy] entered the room. (12:02:29)
12:02:32 Austin: Alice is here :)
12:02:35 lyzzy: hi
12:02:42 Austin: Anirudh was here earlier
12:03:01 Austin: And, of course, this is the week we miss our friends in the western hemisphere
12:03:10 Bishakha: so should we wait and see situation for a few minutes, then figure out if we're meeting today or not?
12:03:44 Austin: I think we can talk briefly about the current status, but it won't take an hour.
12:04:24 Austin: I'll send Del an SMS and give her a couple minutes.
12:06:42 Austin: Okay, let's just get started
12:07:09 Austin: We finally got some interest in the new models proposal, after a discussion on internal about the Catalans
12:07:20 Austin: Unfortunately, that didn't result in much on-wiki discussion
12:07:30 Austin: But at least people are reading it
12:08:01 Bishakha: Yes, it seems so.
12:08:27 Bishakha: In fact a lot of the discussions on internal-l touch on issues that are part of MR
12:08:33 Austin: And Del left some pretty extensive comments in response to Aude's question
12:09:00 Bishakha: One qs, a bit different, Do we have an agenda for the MR meeting on the 23rd?
12:09:02 Austin: Yeah, naturally so, which is why I'm surprised and disappointed when they don't have anything to say about what we're doing :)
12:09:32 Austin: Berlin on the 24th?
12:09:34 Bishakha: But maybe the stuff they comment on affects them more directly, so they comment - this is more abstract
12:09:45 Bishakha: sorry I meant 24th
12:09:49 Austin:
12:09:52 Austin: Currently blank
12:10:02 Bishakha: So should we discuss that now?
12:10:10 Austin: I think we can move on to that, yes :)
12:11:33 Bishakha: I assume we will need some time to plan the MR plenary?
12:12:05 Austin: Hopefully we can get a draft prepared ahead of time, and not spend the entire day writing it
12:12:06 lyzzy: i am still not sure of the "form"
12:12:19 Austin: The same goes for the charter
12:12:33 lyzzy: will it be a presentation or more like an open discussion
12:12:44 anirudh: hi
12:12:50 lyzzy: hello anirudh 
12:12:54 Austin: I'd have to go back and look at the logs, but I think it was proposed that we have a very brief presentation followed by some discussion
12:13:39 lyzzy: ok, it would be good to get as much input as possible
12:14:00 Austin: I think it's going to be winding up mostly discussion
12:14:10 Austin: Since this is pretty much all the time we have, it looks like
12:14:43 lyzzy: is arne going to prepare the introduction?
12:15:06 lyzzy: or is it you or jon?
12:16:09 Austin: There's a placeholder page at that I expect I'll contribute the most to, but anyone's welcome to help
12:16:30 lyzzy: ah, lokks pretty ;)
12:16:53 Austin: Ha
12:17:14 anirudh: :)
12:17:41 Austin: I'll try to spend as much of this afternoon as possible at least getting bullet points down
12:18:32 Austin: The list under "preparation" is of things Lodewijk proposed we have ready for the chapters meeting, which he proposed that we discuss Thursday
12:18:51 Austin: I think it would be great to have as much of that as possible done even in advance of that, though
12:19:08 lyzzy: support
12:19:28 lyzzy: but ... experience says it will be done thursday
12:20:31 Austin: Agreed 
12:20:37 lyzzy: what is the goal we want to have reached after the conference?
12:21:15 lyzzy: is it the next version of the carter's draft
12:21:30 lyzzy: or is it just more input to work on it
12:22:03 lyzzy: is it extension of the steering group
12:22:09 Austin: The idea was to have a more-or-less final version, but I think the most realistic hope is that we get a lot of input and actually inspire people to work on it
12:22:10 lyzzy: getting mor people interested?
12:23:06 lyzzy: ok, we should be beware of this when planning the session
12:23:30 Austin: If we have something coherent to present and can get enough input, it's possible to have that final deliverable for Wikimania as planned.
12:23:48 lyzzy: if we want to do some work on the charter itself, that may be a topic for a working group
12:24:14 Austin: Like a workshop at the meeting?
12:24:39 lyzzy: but i am not sure, if that won't cut ideas and input off too early
12:24:43 lyzzy: yeah
12:25:26 anirudh: I think more work can be done at live meetings than online.  I think we can put the meat around the skeleton in Berlin itself.  A workshop is a good idea.
12:26:18 Austin: I'm guessing that the charter will occupy most of our Thursday meeting
12:26:47 Austin: And I think it would be great to squeeze in a workshop during the chapters meeting, but I'm not sure how feasible that is
12:27:32 Austin: *looks for the schedule*
12:29:28 Austin: Yeah, so perhaps something for the Saturday working group sessions
12:29:41 Bishakha: sorry this workshop has heated up so I'm going to have to dash now, see you 24th berlin
12:29:49 Austin: No problem, Bishakha—thanks for coming.
Bishakha left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed). (12:29:52)
12:29:53 Austin: I'll post the log after.
12:30:11 lyzzy: yes, that's the slot we can use
12:30:47 lyzzy: what i was thinking about is if it makes sense to work on the charter in one group and on genereal items in another
12:31:10 Austin: Are we still talking about Saturday, or back to Thursday?
12:31:18 lyzzy: saturday
12:31:36 lyzzy: for thursday i don't see any problem in that
12:32:25 Austin: I'm not sure it really makes sense to do that, but it's worth suggesting to see what other people think
12:34:02 lyzzy: is there anything else to talk about in this irc-meeting?
12:34:38 Austin: Just a final reminder to keep looking (and possibly editing) the charter. :)
12:34:56 lyzzy: :) received
12:35:10 Austin: Otherwise, I think those are all the critical items; we could go on, but it's kind of silly with just the few of us here.
12:35:32 lyzzy: that's why i asked
12:36:07 Austin: So I'll let you get back to work, and Anirudh get to sleep(?), and bid everyone a good day/evening/whatever.
12:36:17 lyzzy: ok
12:36:18 Austin: *bangs his gavel*
12:36:39 Austin: Later, guys, thanks for coming.