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Movement roles project/Groups

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See also the discussion of new group models.

The definition of groups in context of the movement roles project has been left open for interpretation and requires some classification. I would like to propose the following set of criteria for classification of groups within our movement and outside, that we are likely to encounter. My intention is to provide a starting point, from where the definition and classification of groups could be further refined.

The classification itself is based on logical options between any two sets of arbitrary groups.



There needs to be some formal classification of groups that we are likely to encounter. There are multiple approaches to how to classify such groups. The classification seeks to cover from the most basic congregation of individuals from within our movement to the largest chapters and even outside entities that might only share a common goal with the movement.

External vs. internal


This approach aims to classify groups based on their position in the movement. Internal groups refers to groups from within the Wikimedia community, external groups might be complete or partial outside entities with aligned common goals with our movement. External groups can have affiliation and support from within the community but would be treated as outside entities. They might have outside an affiliation or other goals, not all of which are aligned with out movement.

Registered vs. unregistered


These entities would be a sub-group under Internal groups. The definition would depend upon registered entities Vs. unregistered entities. The form of registration might differ from country to country. The global aspect of Wikimedia depends that the term of registration are left up to the groups themselves, the exact nature of which would require further refinement.

Official vs. informal


This particular sub-group would account for official entities recognized by the foundation while the unofficial group would not require any such recognition. The unofficial group might remain unofficial for a multitude of reasons, from legal issues to personal preference, we might have groups that choose to remain as unofficial entities. Unofficial groups need to have their existence public with the rest of the community, either through mailing lists or wikis, and need to have support from their local community.

See also


Groups informing our targets


These groups should review and potentially approve parts of the MR work.

Formal groups


These groups are incorporated and oversee projects in a certain part of the world, or are officially delegated authority by one of those groups. They have their own legal, financial, and reporting requirements


 Wikimedia Foundation
 WMF Board
 Audit Committee
 Chapters Committee
 Election Committee

Other global governance

 proposed community council
 proposed chapters council


 Wikimedia Argentina
 Wikimedia Österreich
 Wikimedia Australia
 Wikimedia Canada
 Wikimedia CH
 Wikimedia Česká republika
 Wikimedia Deutschland
 Wikimedia Danmark
 Wikimedia Eesti
 Wikimedia España
 Wikimedia Suomi
 Wikimédia France
 Wikimedia UK
 Wikimedia Hong Kong
 Wikimédia Magyarország
 Wikimedia Indonesia
 Wikimedia Israel
 Wikimedia India
 Wikimedia Italia
 Wikimedia Macedonia
 Wikimedia Macao
 Wikimedia Nederland
 Wikimedia Norge
 Wikimedia Philippines
 Wikimedia Polska
 Wikimedia Portugal
 Wikimedia Russia
 Wikimedia Serbia
 Wikimedia South Africa
 Wikimedia Sverige
 Wikimedia Taiwan
 Wikimedia Ukraine
 Wikimedia New York City

Incorporated chapter-like orgs


Proposed future chapters

 WM Brasil
 WM Chile
 WM Croatia
 WM Venezuela

Informal and Community groups


These include informal associations that coordinate work among chapters and projects, committees limited to coordination, and groups delegated responsibility by the communities

Pan-national groups

 WM Asia
 WM Africa?

Less formal committees and groups

 (for feedback and sharing) 
 former NomCom
 OTRS group

Community committees and groups

 Checkuser groups

Potential future associations or partner orgs

 WM Kansai
 Esperanto Wikimedians
 Chinese Wikimedia Conference

Community groups


not directly in scope for the charter and current MR work, but related; should be comfortable with MR recommendations

Editing community bodies

 Individual ArbComs
 Large WikiProjects
 WP Loves Art
 WM Loves Monuments

Sibling communities

 (for feedback and sharing)
 MediaWiki dev community

Similar communities

 (for feedback as appropriate)

Group information


To understand the current roles and responsibilities of different entities, we have asked each group some questions about their work and goals to map the movement, including:

  • Name of the entity - how is it known?
  • Vision, mission, goals - why does it exist?
  • History - when was it founded, what are its milestones?
  • Geographic or topical scope - where does it work, who does it serve?
  • Team and leadership - who is part of it?
  • Accomplishments to date - what has it done?
  • Budget and fundraising - how much has it raised, saved, spent?
  • Issues – what opportunities and challenges are critical now?


  1. /Wikimedia Argentina
  2. /Wikimedia Österreich
  3. /Wikimedia Australia
  4. /Wikimedia CH
  5. /Wikimedia Česká republika
  6. /Wikimedia Deutschland
  7. /Wikimedia Danmark
  8. /Wikimedia Eesti
  9. /Wikimedia Suomi
  10. /Wikimédia France
  11. /Wikimedia UK
  12. /Wikimedia Hong Kong
  13. /Wikimédia Magyarország
  14. /Wikimedia Indonesia
  15. /Wikimedia Israel
  16. /Wikimedia India
  17. /Wikimedia Italy
  18. /Wikimedia Macedonia
  19. /Wikimedia Nederland
  20. /Wikimedia Norge
  21. /Wikimedia Philippines
  22. /Wikimedia Polska
  23. /Wikimedia Portugal
  24. /Wikimedia Russia
  25. /Wikimedia Serbia
  26. /Wikimedia Sverige
  27. /Wikimedia Taiwan
  28. /Wikimedia Ukraine
  29. /Wikimedia New York City

Informal or future partners

  1. /Chinese Wikimedia Conference
  2. /WiKansai
  3. /Wikimedia Belgium
  4. /Wikimedia Brasil
  5. /Wikimedia Canada
  6. /Wikimedia CAT
  7. /Wikimedia Egypt
  8. /Wikimedia Macau
  9. /Wikimedia New Zealand
  10. /Wikipedia Loves Art

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