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Wikimedia Conference 2018, Berlin.
WMCon By Dyolf77 DSC 8385.jpg
Wikimedia Conference 2018, Berlin.
Olga Viota at Wikimedia Conference 2018.jpg
Wikimedia Conference 2018, Berlin.
Lightning Talks at Learning days WMCON2018 04.jpg
Panel on March 16 2018 at the Cultural Center of Spain in Montevideo.
Editatona Arte y Feminismo en Uruguay 2018 - Panel (2).jpg
Panel on March 23 2018 at the CPAU in Buenos Aires.
Editatona de Mujeres Latinoamericanas en Buenos Aires Arte y Feminismo 2018 5.jpg
Panel on June 2018 at the MOMOWO SYMPOSIUM 2018 in Turín, Italy. Presentation of "Un día una arquitecta: three years of activism towards inclusion".
Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017
WikiDivCon 2017, Nov 4, 2017 22.jpg
Wikimania 2017
Wikimania subir IMG 20170813 191459281.jpg
Magazine Interview 2017
A&P Periódico nº6.jpg
WikiWomenCamp 2017
WikiWomenCamp 2017.jpg
Panel on March 3 2017 at the University of Rosario, in Rosario.
2017 03 marzo Editatona de Arquitectas en Rosario (2).jpg
Intervenciones urbanas, 2017, Board of Architects, in Santa Fe.
Presentación Editatona Mujeres en la Arquitectura 2017.jpg