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Report 2019/2020[edit]

Harmonization Sprint Tunez
2019 Harmonization Sprint Tunez day 1 (2).jpg
Wikimedia 2030 Harmonization Sprint 65.jpg
Wikipedia:Mes del cine africano October, November 2019
AfroCine - text logo.png
Dashboard Mes del cine africano 506 new articles created, 2.76K articles edited
Wikipedia:Encuentros/Editatón Patrimonio de Cochabamba
3 Gracias.jpg
Interwiki Women Collaboration IV,a multi-country, multi-lingual collaborative proposal to translate relevant women's biographies from different Wikipedias.
Inter WikiWomen Collaboration Argentina.png
Interwiki Women Collaboration 2020 298 new articles created and 2.32K articles edited in Spanish Wikipedia.
Yo leo autoras peruanas An event that seeked to make visible the work of various women Peruvian poets, narrators and essayists on Wikipedia.
Condecoración Orden al Mérito de la Mujer 2019.jpg
Dahboard YoLeoAutorasPeruanas
Desafio de archivos multimedia Mujeres Latinoamericanas 2020
Cusco - Peru (20751139802).jpg
Category Commons Desafio de archivos multimedia Mujeres Latinoamericanas 2020
Editatona de Mujeres Latinoamericanas en Córdoba Arte y Feminismo 2020.
5 logo ML violeta.png
ArtAndFeminism logo with wordmark.svg
Wikipedia:Encuentros/Editatona Arte y Feminismo en El Salvador 2020,
Mujer jóven indigena.jpg
Editatona in Panama.
Wikiproyecto Mujeres Latinoamericanas logo ajustado.png
Cancelled due Covid-19.
Ennegreciendo Wikipedia, improving or creating wikipedia biographies of the women of colors.
Logo ennegreciendo wikipedia.png
AMAFROCOL, en su trabajo de empoderamiento étnico-racial, estético- político. Bogotá- 2014.jpg
Ella dice en Wikiquote.
Wikiloveswomen logo.svg
Mujeres que son calle 2020, online meeting to edit and complete Wikipedia articles of women who gave their name to the streets of Códoba city to make their biographies visible.
DSC02224 - Juana Azurduy Monument.jpg
Dashboard Mujeres que son calle

Due to the Covid-19 pandemie, all off line activities were cancelled, but we continued to work online. Despite the limitations we had due to the coronavirus, between October 2019 and October 2020, we were able to perform different activities online. During 2020, we created 6 new programs in the dashboard, reached 600 editors, 1.76K of improved articles, 1.19K of images uploaded to commons and 3K new articles were created in Wikipedia.

We decided to make strategic alliances only with institutions, organizations and user groups which promote gender inclusive policies, because we believe in the role of women as builders of knowledge. For that reason we are making contacts with feminist organizations and collectives or those that work with women. We try to support projects put forward by women, even if they are not feminists, like Women in the News Network, Más Mujeres Mejor Periodismo.

We actively participate in discussions on the Wikimedia 2030 movement brand project, including the Live presentation of naming convention proposals, Communications/Wikimedia brands/2030 research and planning/community review, Requests for comment/Should the Foundation call itself Wikipedia, etc.

We participated in the Wiki Global CheckIn, a chance to collaborate with members of the Global Wikimedia community and gather snapshots of life during this historical moment we are all witnessing world-wide.

Our facebook group continues to grow. We made contact with women and institutions in other countries, such as Panama. We began to organice an edithaton in Panama, with Natacha Gómez, Jefa del Departamento de Investigación y Desarrollo, Dirección de Investigación Científica y Desarrollo of SENACYT, Panama, but it was cancelled due to coronavirus. We are in contact with the SECRETARIA NACIONAL DE CIENCIA, TECNOLOGÍA E INNOVACIÓN DE PANAMA to do it later.

We continue to be in contact with the women users in the Dominican Republic and we are planning a editatona for next year, as all activities have been suspended this year.

We have been working in collaboration with user groups and chapters of the region. We have had meetings with Iberocoop groups. We supported the creation of the Wikimedistas de Uruguay new user group. We gave online classes to support newbies and teach women how to edit Wikipedia and Wikiquote.

When we organice Wikipedia:Mes del cine africano in the Wikipedia in Spanish, on November 2019, in collaboration with The AfroCine Project, we emphasized that the new articles should be about women, or their biographies or their films. Two of our users won the first two prizes: Winners. Also, two of our users won the Diversity Award (Created articles for the highest number of countries) and the Gender-gap filler Award, for creating the highest number of articles about women. 506 articles were created at the Wikipedia in Spanish. Dashboard Wikipedia en español mes del cine africano and on Wikiquote Spanish Wikiquote mes del cine africano dashboard.

We also organiced Wikipedia:Encuentros/Editatón Patrimonio de Cochabamba November 2019 in collaboration with Wikimedistas de Bolivia.

We supported actively and collaborated with the campaign Visible WikiWomen 2020, a global campaign to add images to the biographies of women who do not yet have an illustration, collaborating with the VisibleWikiWomen 2020: fighting invisibility during a global pandemic, so we organiced Fotos Mujeres Latinoamericanas 2020. See: Desafio de archivos multimedia Mujeres Latinoamericanas 2020.

We organiced Interwiki Women Collaboration IV and Interwiki Women Collaboration 2020, a multi-country, multi-lingual collaborative proposal to translate relevant women's biographies Interwiki Collaboration 2020. covered articles about women engaged in health care and women engaged in COVID-19 pandemic in particular. 299 new articles were created, 2.32K edited articles and 877 Commons uploaded.

We collaborate with Ennegreciendo Wikipedia organized by user:AfricanadeCuba and user:Galahmm.

We collaborated with Wikipedia:Encuentros/Editatona Arte y Feminismo en El Salvador 2020, organized by es:Usuaria:Karlalhdz in the Centro Cultural de España en El Salvador.

We organized Editatona de Mujeres Latinoamericanas en Córdoba Arte y Feminismo 2020 in Argentina.

We organized es:Wikipedia:Encuentros/Editatona online Mujeres que son calle 2020. Dashboard Mujeres que son calle.

We help manage the Telegram channel Wikipedia en Español (Jaluj is an administrator).

We were working adding thousands of items about women to wikidata since longtime and now we created the Wikidata mujeres latinas campaign.

We are invited to the Integração de grupos lusófonos rumo à Festa da Wiki-Lusofona in Portugues because Wikimedia Portugal and Wiki Movimento Brasil plan to organize the Wiki-Lusofonia Party in January 2021.

We began the Wikiquote:Wiki Loves Women/SheSaid/Ella dice

This year, MLW reached create 9.94 K new articles created in 34 activities on dashboard ( see Campaign Muj(lh)eres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia), with 600 editors, 25.4K references added, 56.5K articles improved, 15.3M words added, 25.4K references added and 5.14 K number of Wkimedia Commons uploaded.

On 2020 we arrive to:

Métrics Outcomes
Activities on dashboard 34
Number of editors 600
Number of references added 25.4K
Number of articles created 9.94K
Number of articles improved 56.5K
Number of Wkimedia Commons uploaded 5.14K

Collaborations with partners[edit]

We have been working with different partners inside the movement:

Communication and media[edit]

Photo gallery 2020[edit]