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REPORT October 2020/ October 2021
es:Wikiproyecto:Mujeres latinoamericanas/Interwiki Women Collaboration IV
Feminismo en El Salvador
Canceled due to Covid.
Ennegreciendo Wikidata 2020
Ennegreciendo Wikidata
Mujeres que son calle 2020 An event dedicated to streets named after women, September 2020 [[File:|thumb]] Dashboard Mujeres que son calle 39 new articles, 65 commons upload, 296 articles improved.
Months of African Cinema October, November 2020
Wikipedia:Mes del cine africano II 613 new articles.
Wikiquote:Wiki Loves Women/SheSaid/Ella dice, November, December 2020
85 new articlers created Wikiquote in Spanish
Desafío fotos mujeres latinoamericanas December 2020
Ana Monterroso de Lavalleja
391 images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
Wikiconcurso/Mujeres con Calle March, April 2021

Campaña para crear, mejorar y traducir artículos
sobre mujeres que dan nombre a calles. En colaboración con Wikimedia Argentina,
Wikimedistas de Bolivia, Wikimedia Chile,
Wikimedia México, GeoChicas y WhoseKnowledge.

Mujeres con calle
Wikidata Mujeres Latinas [[File:|thumb]] Wikidata Mujeres Latinas 2337 commons uploads
Celebración del 20.º aniversario de Wikipedia en español
Desafío fotos mujeres latinoamericanas 2021
Anne Lacaton
es:Wikipedia:Encuentros/Editatona Arte y Feminismo en Uruguay 2021
Editatón en línea sobre moda sostenible
Wikipedia 20: a collaborative collage. Collaborative collage WIKIMANIA 2021 SESSION NOTES
Sharing decolonization strategies throughout Wikimedia projects [ In collaboration with Wikimedia Argentin, WhoseKnowledge? and Wiki Education.
VisibleWikiWomen community meetup: how far we’ve come, what future we want to build together [ With Whose Knowledge?
Conversatorio. América Latina, Wikipedia y las Editatones para eliminar las brechas de género: Si las brechas se eliminan, los desacuerdos se zanjan [

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and given this situation and being in one of the longest quarantines, we worked online and remotely. We identify, prioritize and work on gender gap. We continue to build and strengthen safe spaces to promote the participation of women in Wikimedia's projects. Several edith athons and workshops that we had planned to organize had to be suspended. We were working in collaboration with other user groups and chapter of the region. We supported women newcomers.

We invite Wikipedia editors to focus on collecting and sharing quality images under free or public domain licenses through Wikimedia Commons, so that they can be used to illustrate Wikipedia articles. This year we arrived to 7.86K number of Wkimedia Commons uploaded since we began to work.

We focus on working with underrepresented groups on Wikimedia, that's why Ennegreciendo Wikidata 2020 project (Blackening Wikidata).

Since we were unable to hold in-person editathons this year, we focused on helping new users and teaching them how to edit.

During October 7 we perform the Conversatorio. América Latina, Wikipedia y las Editatones para eliminar las brechas de género: Si las brechas se eliminan, los desacuerdos se zanjan. The objective of this discussion was to discuss from different Latin American spaces about the existing gender gap in Wikipedia and how, from its analysis, activities and actors, the will to eliminate them is manifested. The first wa related to the gender of the volunteers who participate in the editing of the articles created, in the number of articles created about women as well as in the language used to describe them in their biographical articles created in Wikipedia. We aimed at a double objective: to create and/or complete those biographical articles of women in the social sciences, law, humanities and sciences in general that have remained invisible in this space; and to empower women in the use of technologies and technological spaces dominated by men.

We actively participate in WM election as volunteers. Wikipedia:Elecciones en el Board of Trustees de Wikimedia 2021. es:Wikipedia:Elecciones en el Board of Trustees de Wikimedia and the Programs & Events Dashboard/2021 survey. We participae in discussions about the Código de Conducta Universal/Revisión del proyecto de pautas de cumplimiento.

We actively participate in discussions on the Wikipedia en español, Iberocoop, WM Election Volunteers, Grupo de Gobernanza de WM, The Afrocine Project, Wikimedia+Education, Estrategia Wikimedia, Wikiwomen, Wikimedia General Chat, Wikipedia Portuguese, WM Election Volunteers 2021, Wikimujeres editando, Wikimania Chat, Wikidata en español, Wiki Gender Gap, Tertulia de Wikipedia en español, Wikimania Social, all channels in Telegram. We are currently working to organize the events that were suspended, such as the edithaton in Panama.

This year, MLW reached to create, since the beginning, 11.9K new articles created in 38 activities on dashboard with the participaton of 627 editors, 65.7K articles improved, 19.2M words added, 2.41B articles views, 40K references added. See Muj(lh)eres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia

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