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Requests and proposals Steward requests (Miscellaneous) Archives
This page is for requesting that a specific administrative action (such as page deletion) be performed by a steward or global sysop on a Wikimedia wiki having no active administrators. (If the wiki does have active administrators, file the request with one of them.) If the wiki has an active editor community, any potentially controversial action (deletion of actual content, edit to a protected page, renaming of a protected page, etc.) should receive consensus from the wiki community before being requested here, and a link should be provided to that consensus in the request.

To add a new request, create a new section header at the bottom of the page (just above the categories) of the form:

=== Very brief description of request here ===

{{Status|In progress}}
Your request --~~~~

Then describe your request more fully below that. It is helpful if you can provide a link to the wiki (or the specific page on the wiki) in question, either in the header or in the body of your request.

To report vandalism issues, please use Vandalism reports instead.

Cross-wiki requests
Meta-Wiki requests

Bot-reported speedy deletion requests[edit]

This section is for reports filed via Kimberley-nia Bot on the SWMT's IRC channel #cvn-sw (bot's irc nick is Dellieplagiat). They are submitted on this subpage. Please watch this page separately if you are a steward, a global sysop, or a local administrator.

It is possible to manually edit this list if you follow the bot's formatting. If you feel a request is inappropriate, please remove the lines containing that request entirely. (Leaving comments, modifying the header line, and striking out reports will confuse the bot.)

Example for the correct formatting:

* {{msd-link|ie.wikipedia|Talk:Europa}}
*: spam - IRC user DerHexer ~~~~~

Properly-filed requests that point to pages that have already been deleted or do not exist will be automatically removed by the bot. Note: It is unnecessary to remove requests for wikis where local admins "can handle it by themselves". If that is really so, the pages will surely be deleted within a small period of time and then be automatically removed from the list by the bot.

Manual requests[edit]

Please see a list of pages nominated for speedy deletion via {{Delete}} and/or the local equivalent. You can also filter by wikis whose admins are less than X or have not delete since Y.

Proposal: Add a global abusefilter[edit]

Status:    In progress

As known from the #wikimedia-stewards channel, we have a lot spambots. So my proposal is, to add this abusefilter:

user_editcount < 5
& added_lines rlike "</a>"

I made good experience with this kind of filter. Why? </a> is not wikisyntax, but a lot of spambots are using it still, for html weblinks. I'm working with this king of filter at the beta-cluster and at test2wiki, for example see beta (only one false positive, depends on the beta conditions), test2 (no known false positives). I guess a warning only filter should be enough, the most spambots don't try it again after a warning. For questions please ping, I'm not often at meta, but via croswiki notifications I can see it. Cheers, Luke081515 23:16, 1 May 2016 (UTC)

Actually, well written spambots will not attempt to do this as it is useless. On the other hand, new users sometimes attempt to add links this way. Ruslik (talk) 04:36, 2 May 2016 (UTC)
Well-written spambots would not spam. It does happen regularly that spambots introduce HTML-tags (1, 2, ...) but they are usually already stopped by other filters. Savhñ 11:19, 2 May 2016 (UTC)
I don't think they are usually stopped by other filters: Take a look at test2wiki abuse log, and compare, which users, who got catched by filter 6 there, got catched by other filtes. I guess about ~33%. Concerning the argument with new users: That's why the filter should be "warning only", because if a new users uses that tag, he can continue, but spambots who are using the HMTL-Tag don't continue after that warning. Cheers, Luke081515 13:10, 2 May 2016 (UTC)

Mobile formatting issue for trwikinews[edit]

Status:    Done

Hello, a user has requested help about mobile formatting issue at Apparently this issue was part of a switch over back in 2012 and enwikinews was fixed but many other wikinews' wasn't. Can anyone fix the trwikinews main page mobile formatting to be same as enwikinews? ( in any case instructions available here) --HakanIST (talk) 18:54, 24 May 2016 (UTC)

The links that you provided are dead. Ruslik (talk) 07:39, 25 May 2016 (UTC)
@Ruslik0: , links should be fixed now, thanks for the help.--HakanIST (talk) 09:52, 25 May 2016 (UTC)
The main pages are not exactly the same. So, you should prepare a new version of the main page in a sandbox. Ruslik (talk) 11:54, 25 May 2016 (UTC)
I can lower the protection level for the main page so you can do it yourself. Ruslik (talk) 20:49, 25 May 2016 (UTC)
Done; protection lowered to autoconfirmed. – Ajraddatz (talk) 19:23, 26 September 2016 (UTC)

Speedy deletions on as/ms[edit]

Status:    In progress

There are various copyvios which were reported 3+ months ago and not deleted yet at w:as:শ্ৰেণী:ক্ষিপ্ৰ বিলোপনৰ প্ৰাৰ্থী and w:ms:Kategori:Calon_untuk_penghapusan_segera#mw-category-media. --Nemo 09:18, 18 June 2016 (UTC)

Some of these files are ineligible for copyright. Ruslik (talk) 17:43, 18 June 2016 (UTC)

Any steward that could enforce wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy? 13:56, 26 July 2016 (UTC)

Ruslik, it looks like almost all of the files are eligible for copyright, except for one or two text logos. MBisanz talk 13:33, 4 August 2016 (UTC)
In aswiki, there is no clear EDP so my opinion is that under the wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy, we can act on that project if local users with appropriate rights are unavailable to do so where necessary. In case of mswiki, they have clear EDP so it's up to them whether they host unused non-free files or not. Though most of the project where EDP exist, they're routinely cleaning non-free unused files. ~ Nahid Talk 14:30, 10 September 2016 (UTC)

Request to approve OAuth consumer for Citation Hunt v1.0[edit]

Status:    In progress

Hi! Could you please approve this proposal for a OAuth consumer for Citation Hunt? Thanks! --Surlycyborg (talk) 21:16, 8 July 2016 (UTC)

I see that your tool collects data from users. How is that compliant with the Labs Terms of Use?MarcoAurelio 21:43, 8 July 2016 (UTC)
Oh, you're totally right, thanks for the link! I don't currently collect data, but I planned on storing the user name from OAuth. Let's put this on hold then, I'll look for alternatives. Surlycyborg (talk)
The linked TOU says "Clearly communicate to End Users a) that Private Information is being collected, b) how you will use it, and c) when you will delete it;". That is not a blanket restriction on collecting information. --BDavis (WMF) (talk) 22:34, 15 July 2016 (UTC)
Surlycyborg, you say that you don't collect data, however I see a stats module which collects and stores information which is very obviously PPI and should not be stored without a very, very good reason. If this code is no longer needed, remove it ;-). If you must keep that code in the repository, you need to add a very clear "no-user-stats" mode which is enabled by default in production. John Vandenberg (talk) 00:17, 19 July 2016 (UTC)

Copyvios on[edit]

Status:    Not done

18 copyvios reported a few months ago but not deleted yet. Local sysops were alerted on their talk pages some months ago. Nemo 16:25, 17 July 2016 (UTC)

Stewards has no special authority to enforce copyright policies across Wikimedia projects if active local sysops are present. Ruslik (talk) 18:02, 17 July 2016 (UTC)
Clearly they're not active as regards copyright violation. When local admins are not active enough, it would be illogical to require that the stewards deflag them in order to be able to do what is left undone. Nemo 15:20, 18 July 2016 (UTC)
They are not inactive. They just ignore you. No policy requires them to explicitly deny your requests. They may simply keep silent. Ruslik (talk) 20:14, 18 July 2016 (UTC)
It's a pain. Go and enforce wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy. 13:54, 26 July 2016 (UTC)
Not done; as Ruslik says, we have no scope to overrule local admins. – Ajraddatz (talk) 19:21, 26 September 2016 (UTC)

Approve "fawiki-editathon" OAuth consumer token[edit]

Status:    In progress

Hi, people from Farsi Wikipedia (fawiki) has contacted me to setup a tool to track their edit-a-thon. This tool is basically the same as the one used in Wikipedia Asian Month, with configurations to suit fawiki needs. The project is hosted at Tool Labs. Thanks --Kenrick95 (talk) 14:55, 21 July 2016 (UTC)

Please, provide a link to the consumer application. Ruslik (talk) 18:07, 21 July 2016 (UTC)
Go here and then click "Judging" (direct link: ). Kenrick95 (talk) 16:03, 22 July 2016 (UTC)
Note: if the tool is about to collect user data, please refer to #Request_to_approve_OAuth_consumer_for_Citation_Hunt_v1.0. Thanks. —MarcoAurelio 16:12, 22 July 2016 (UTC)

Cross-wiki vandalism by the szm sockfarm, global abuse filter proposal[edit]

Status:    Not done

The sockmaster, Szm020730 has been creating many sockpuppets to upload hoax flags on Wikimedia Commons and use them for cross-wiki vandalism (example). Enwiki, eswiki, ruwiki, and commonswiki (the main home wiki of the master) are affected. I think a global abuse filter should be created now. Please see the cross-wiki contributions of these socks at c:Category:Sockpuppets of Szm020730 as your guide on creating the GAF. Thanks --Pokéfan95 (talk) 05:37, 30 July 2016 (UTC)

We locally (enwp) had a look at creating a filter for something related to this - given certain naming patterns, filtering against user creation could be targetted, as could \{\{Infobox[\S\s]*flag.*\.svg[\S\s]*\}\} if you were careful about it -- samtar talk or stalk 10:23, 1 August 2016 (UTC)
A global filter wouldn't effect the projects in question. If the accounts are being made on commons, a filter there would be the best bet for now. – Ajraddatz (talk) 19:20, 26 September 2016 (UTC)

Speedy deletions on nap.wp[edit]

Status:    Locally handled

This is very similar to my request above: the category is this one, but it's got only 5 items for now (but it would be better to see them gone). --Sannita - not just another sysop 10:52, 4 August 2016 (UTC)

It appears that Chelin is an active admin. Have you asked them to do it? MBisanz talk 13:35, 4 August 2016 (UTC)
I forgot about it, honestly, but sometimes he's busy doing other things. Anyway, it's not this urgent, I'll try asking him first. --Sannita - not just another sysop 15:05, 4 August 2016 (UTC)
I deleted the two pages that were clearly unnecessary redirects, but the other pages appear to have more edits, so I have deferred to Chelin. MBisanz talk 23:04, 4 September 2016 (UTC)
Tagged as locally handled. – Ajraddatz (talk) 19:19, 26 September 2016 (UTC)

ro.voy edit box[edit]

Status:    In progress

A few years ago I added some buttons to the edit box on ro.wikivoyage. Apparently, the code I wrote back then no longer works, so I've put up a replacement script. I would appreciate if someone would replace ro:voy:MediaWiki:Editor.js with voy:ro:User:Strainu/Editor.js. Alternatively (but less secure), you could just import my script in the main one. Thanks!--Strainu (talk) 14:21, 17 August 2016 (UTC)

@Strainu: Hi, have you already tested if this code works correctly? Syum90 (talk) 17:26, 17 August 2016 (UTC)
Yes, I tested with the dev tools. But I've looked closer now and it seems I was just importing the script in my common.js. I'll start a discussion on the local village pump about enabling it for everyone.--Strainu (talk) 19:52, 17 August 2016 (UTC)
Here it is: voy:ro:Wikivoyage:Hanul_călătorilor#Butoane_pentru_adrese--Strainu (talk) 19:59, 17 August 2016 (UTC)
@Strainu: Ok, please inform us when a decision is achieved by the community.--Syum90 (talk) 08:31, 18 August 2016 (UTC)

Making threatening[edit]

Status:    In progress

Hi, on 30 august 2016 above two IP addresses have done vandalism deeds on the pages in Sinhala wikipedia including putting serious threatening notes on my user pages.

  • - Creating nonsense pages and edit other articles related to former and current Sri Lankan presidents [1], [2], [3], [4]

Blanking my User space main page by replacing filthy statements.[5], Put serious threatening statements on my talk page[6] and another related page[7]

  • - (29 August) Making a fake user page by putting few targeted users' main page materials with their original signatures. (Users=Me, Shwetha and Ravindu_Navin)The name which has been put as the user name of this account is common and unsuitable rough word using in Sinhala language.[8]

I submitted this incident to Vandalism reports but no responses have been made yet. I already have complained about this vandalism deeds to our two local administrators but admin Lee is on a wiki-break as indicated in his talk page and other admin Singhalawap is usually inactive in these days. I ask you to do suitable measurements to this incident for prevent further problems. Thanks--L Manju (talk) 01:09, 31 August 2016 (UTC)

user Ravindu_Navin had used the IP address indicate that he is retiring. The same IP address had been used by him for the following Sinhala Film related articles which shows his foot-print/identity: [9], [10], and [11]. Thus it is clear that user of IP address is user Ravindu_Navin . This IP address had originated from a Dialog Axiata tower in Badulla district in Sri Lanka. The IP address which had been used to vandalise and create the fake user page had alo originated from the same tower. The IP info of the following proves that:
I strong request the stewards to investigate whether these two IP adresses and user Ravindu_Navin belong to the same user. ----- Shwetha (talk) 09:20, 3 September 2016 (UTC)
the user "Ravindu_Navin" is a newcomer. He is a valuable resource to Sinhala Wikipedia. Even though we have a set of rules, it should not be used in such a way to thwart the efforts of newcomers .the matter shouldn’t look emotionally. --Rsekanayake (talk) 07:36, 16 September 2016 (UTC)
The user Ravindu Navin seems to be a new_user. However rules should not be bent. There should be a discipline at any entity at all levels. Success can be achieved only through such. Loosing the user will not destroy Sinhala Wikipedia. ----Shwetha (talk) 14:56, 20 September 2016 (UTC)

Blocking of user in fa.wikipedia[edit]

Status:    Not done

Hello, I'm user from persian Wikipedia, User:AzorAhai is Sock puppetry. He makes fake accounts (Example:User:مهرنگار) for administrator...

(link): User Mehrnegar "User:مهرنگار" made this page and nominated user:AzorAhai for Bureaucrat permission in fa@wiki and inserted her vote. But they have lots of semi edit in fa wiki and we think they are same
Mehrnegar(مهرنگار) registered on January 21, 2015. Today's 1 year 2 months 18 days of Wikipedia
Special access for Mehrnegar "مهرنگار" on December 2, 2015. The 9 months 6 days
On February 27, 2016. Azor Ahai and failed to request admin (for Mehrnegar 6 months, 12 days )
Mehrnegar "مهرنگار" personally admin on August 4, 2016 will be
Azor Ahai the admin has successfully مهرنگار (On August 18, 2016)
Mehrnegar "مهرنگار" administrator has 21 days
see block log (مهرنگار) In a short time a lot of people blocked...

Do not over...
They block a lot of users. See my account: I do not have access to @fa.wikipedia!... but see my contr (empty!)

Everyone is here (Farsi Wikipedia has local CheckUsers) Is killed! (Blocked)--Iranian Shahـــ☫ـــ(talk) 05:24, 8 September 2016 (UTC)

(To Stewards) Beware of trolls/cyber warriors. I can explain if you want :) Amir (talk) 06:21, 8 September 2016 (UTC)
hey, I'm not terrorists (trolls/cyber)--Iranian Shahـــ☫ـــ(talk) 06:40, 8 September 2016 (UTC)
Tagging as not done, out of scope for stewards. Contact fawiki admins about this. – Ajraddatz (talk) 19:18, 26 September 2016 (UTC)

Delete identity on specific local wikis[edit]

Status:    Not done

Velocipedus An identity on and was automatically created for me. I can not delete this identity because if do not understand the language in question. The creation (unwanted) of this identity occurred when reading up on global identities. Please delete my account on yi. Please review the programming on global account help pages which issued this account without authority. Thanks -- Velocipedus --Velocipedus (talk) 20:04, 25 September 2016 (UTC)

Now that we have single user login, visiting any page of any Wikimedia content wiki while logged in will create an account on that wiki (basically a "local copy" of your "global account"). I don't think there's any way to "opt out" of this (besides never logging in, of course). Typically user accounts are never deleted, so you probably will not be able to get your request fulfilled. Which help page led you to accidentally visit those two wikis? I haven't created an account in the last 12 years, so I don't know how clear it is during the sign-up process that you're actually signing up for a global account across (almost) all Wikimeda wikis — and that a lot of basic information about your account will be publicly available. Do you have a suggestion of how we could make that clearer? - dcljr (talk) 04:14, 26 September 2016 (UTC) [Note: I am not a steward or admin.]
X mark.svg Not done It is not possible to delete local accounts. Ruslik (talk) 19:10, 26 September 2016 (UTC)

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