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New Readers/Syndication

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New Readers
Research and findings
  Outcome #1: Access
  Outcome #2: Awareness
  Outcome #3: Discovery
  Outcome #4: Retention
  Outcome #5: Syndication
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Wikipedia content is read by many people worldwide in places that are not our websites. Some widespread examples include in Google's knowledge panel, Apple's Siri responses, and Amazon's Kindle modals. Wikipedia can provide valuable contextual information for

What we're doing[edit]

Work on this outcome is currently paused, as we haven't been able to surface partnerships opportunities at a scale that would justify the additional engineering and design work to support them.

Context cards[edit]

In 2018, the team explored the possibility of syndicating content to news and media sites through something called Context Cards. This concept was built off of the page previews that were released in May 2018, which introduced small preview popups on Wikipedia about other linked articles.

Design Director Nirzar Pangarkar explored some possibilities for syndication as part of this work. We used these designs as the foundation for conversations with potential partners.