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Nigerian Pidgin Wikimedians User Group is a user-group dedicated to promoting Wikimedia projects in Nigerian pidgin language.

The group is open to membership by all interested individuals.


  • To promote awareness of Wikimedia projects related to Nigerian Pidgin language in Nigeria.
  • To establish the development of Wikimedia projects in Nigerian Pidgin language via the Wikimedia incubator, and nurture them to become full projects.
  • To promote editing of Wikimedia projects in Nigerian Pidgin language by organizing events and activities, and recruiting new editors.
  • To promote the development of structured data among Nigerian Pidgin language editors by utilizing Wikidata.
  • To equip editors of projects in Nigerian Pidgin language with the skill and ability for the continuous development of Wikimedia projects.


Meet-up of the founding members
Introducing participants to Nigerian Pidgin Wikipedia at a Wikidata event in Ojo, Lagos

This user group plans to hold and support the following activities:

  • Meetings: the user group will be organising meet-ups for its members in order to exchange ideas and to find ways to support them to continue editing the projects in areas where they would need help.
  • Trainings/Edit-a-thons: to help new Wikipedians learn editing techniques, to create, translate and improve content in all Wikimedia projects or work on and develop a certain topic which will in return promote the project.
  • Editing contests: the group will be organizing editing contests to encourage existing regular editors to keep editing Wikimedia projects and also encourage non-members/users to join.
  • Photographic Contest and Trips: the group will also organise trips and contests to encourage users to upload and document files to commons which will be used in all Wikimedia projects.

Ongoing Planned Activities[edit]

  • Meetups (Edit-a-thons for Nigerian Pidgin Wikipedia in Incubator): We plan to hold a meetup(physical and virtual) where we will exchange ideas and find ways to contribute to the Nigerian Pidgin contents in incubator. New editors will be trained followed by edit-a-thons on Notable Nigerian women. The meeting is scheduled to hold on 19-Nov-2021. The edit-a-thon is will run from 19-Nov-2021 to 25-Nov-2021.
  • Localizing the Nigerian Pidgin Language: This will be the second meetup schedule to translate the mediawiki core messages to Nigerian Pidgin on translatewiki. We plan to hold this from 20-Dec-2021 to 20-Jan-2022.

Future Activities[edit]

The usage of Nigerian Pidgin language on Wikidata[edit]

  • We Look forward to build vocabulary data by adding Nigerian Pidgin lexemes
  • Add description under Nigerian Pidgin label (pcm) on Wikidata.


  • The idea to create a user group first came out on the 16th of September, 2021 after a month of rigorous activity on the Nigerian Pidgin Wikipedia on incubator
  • We sent the application on the 4th of October, 2021.


Simply typing three tildes (~), like this: ~~~ below the numbered list, will automatically generate your signature. You are encoraged to sign-up and be a member. You can also reach out to us by sending a quick mail to

  1. Samatics (talk)
  2. DonKevin (talk)
  3. Egiebizzy (talk)
  4. Misteld (talk)
  5. Yemi festus (talk)
  6. Biowikician (talk)
  7. Jonywikis ( talk)
  8. Jahkuitwill (talk)
  9. Pingponging (talk)
  10. Wikitician (talk)
  11. T-mighty1 (talk)
  12. Gadarawamo (talk)
  13. Opeolade (talk)
  14. Omegor1 (talk)
  15. Jehson01 (talk)
  16. Successrace (talk)
  17. Ydamilola (talk)
  18. Ugochimobi (talk)
  19. Akwugo (talk)