Nordic Wikimedia/FSCONS 2012

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”Nordic Wikimania” at FSCONS. The Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit is an annual conference arranged by FFKP, taking place in Gothenborg, Sweden, during November. The idea is to arrange a Mini Wikimania for Nordic wikipedians. WMDE has run similar conventions and share-camps. FSCONS has an established infrastructure where we can get a separate track with 6 sessions. FSCONS can fund upto SEK 4.000 (USD 700) in travelling costs, but we would need to make this our own main responsibility and apply for mini-grants. FSCONS want a fixed program by mid-August.

The main goal will be to facilitate the need for wikipedians to meet each other in person. This will strengten the internal motivation and development of the Wikipedia environments. The event should be focused on Wikipedia and the contributors. It should also stive to call for participation and contributions from the Wikipedia society. Accommodation (80 nights) would probably be SEK 40.000 (USD 7.000), and travelling SEK 30.000 (USD 5.000), totally approximately SEK 70.000 (USD 12.000). Including other costs, total budget needs might reach SEK 100.000 (USD 16.000).

  • WMNO and WMDK are interested in joining this option.
  • This could be a potential Nordic Council project.
  • Co-ordinating responsibility: Sweden (WMSE).