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OTRS Wikimedia.svg

Open-source Ticket Request System

For prospective volunteers

Perangkat lunak OTRS (Open-source Ticket Request System) digunakan untuk menangani permintaan, komplain, dan komentar dari publik melalui surel pada proyek-proyek Wikimedia sejak September 2004. Sukarelawan yang dipercaya untuk memberikan respons yang sopan, berguna, dan akurat diberikan akses ke sistem melalui web di https://ticket.wikimedia.org/. Masih banyak sukarelawan yang dibutuhkan, jadi jika Anda tertarik untuk melakukan secara sukarela silakan membaca OTRS/Perekrutan untuk informasi lengkap tentang bagaimana Anda dapat membantu. Pada umumnya, jika Anda merupakan editor berpengalaman dan merasa cocok untuk membantu menjawab surel dalam bahasa Anda, pertimbangkanlah mengirimkan sebuah lamaran untuk menjadi sukarelawan. Jika Anda ingin mengatur sebuah alamat surel untuk proyek/bahasa yang belum ada di OTRS, hubungi pengurus OTRS untuk mengaturnya.

Juga ada sebuah kanal IRC (#wikimedia-otrsconnect), wiki tertutup, dan beberapa milis yang didedikasikan untuk OTRS Wikimedia.


Surel yang diteriman oleh sistem OTRS disortir ke dalam "antrean" menurut alamat asal (dan/atau topik pesan). Sukarelawan OTRS (sering disebut dengan "agen OTRS") memiliki akses ke antrean itu, tergantung posisi mereka dalam komunitas Wikimedia.

Daftar berikut adalah "antrean komunitas", yang mewakili sebuah proyek atau bahasa tertentu. Pengguna Wikimedia yang tertarik untuk menjadi sukarelawan dapat mengajukan lamaran kepada daftar antrean di bawah. Ada pula antrean lain di dalam sistem namun mereka memiliki akses terbatas (contohnya akses antrean chapter yang disetujui oleh sebuah wakil chapter).

Laporan harian dari antrean tersedia di Labs.


These queues are the general information addresses that are displayed on the Contact us pages on the Wikipedia projects (See the English Wikipedia's page, for example). Emails to these addresses usually deal with questions from readers of Wikipedia and from the subjects of articles. Emails are sorted into queues based on the language that they are written in, not the project that they relate to, because the queues are staffed by Wikimedia volunteers speaking a certain language, not from a certain project. Info queues are currently available in the following languages:

  • info (untuk semua bahasa lain)
  • info-als (Alemannisch)
  • info-ar (Arab)
  • info-bn (Bengali)
  • info-ca (Katalan)
  • info-cs (Cheska)
  • info-da (Dansk)
  • info-de (Jerman)
  • info-el (Yunani)
  • info-en (Inggris)
  • info-es (Spanyol)
  • info-et (Esti)
  • info-fa (Persia)
  • info-fi (Suomi)
  • info-fr (Prancis)
  • info-he (Ibrani)
  • info-hr (Kroasia)
  • info-hu (Hungaria)
  • info-id (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • info-it (Italia)
  • info-ja (Jepang)
  • info-ko (Korea)
  • info-mk (Makedonia)
  • info-nds (Jerman Rendah)
  • info-nl (Belanda)
  • info-no (Norwegia)
  • info-pl (Polski)
  • info-pt (Portugis)
  • info-ro (Rumania)
  • info-ru (Rusia)
  • info-scn (Sisilia)
  • info-sk (Slovak)
  • info-sl (Sloven)
  • info-sr (Serbia)
  • info-sv (Swedia)
  • info-tr (Turki)
  • info-uk (Ukraina)
  • info-ur (Urdu)
  • info-vi (Vietnam)
  • info-zh (Tionghoa)


Sometimes Wikimedians would like to use images that do not have clear cut licensing information in articles. These images might not be licensed already, might have a license that is not permissive enough for use on Wikipedia, or might otherwise need confirmation that the copyright holder has agreed to the license shown on the projects. Wikimedians often contact the copyright holders of various images and ask them to license them so that they can be used on Wikimedia projects. The permissions team on OTRS is the one that processes these "permissions" e-mails and attempts to verify that the copyright holder releases the images under an allowable license, that they do so clearly while understanding what that means, and that they actually are allowed to license the images in such a way (e.g. they hold copyright). These e-mails are then stored in the ticket system so that they can be verified by anyone with appropriate access.

  • permissions-ar (Arab)
  • permissions-de (Jerman)
  • permissions-el (Yunani)
  • permissions-en (Inggris)
  • permissions-commons (untuk media yang disimpan di Commons)
  • permissions-es (Spanyol)
  • permissions-et (Esti)
  • permissions-fi (Suomi)
  • permissions-fr (Prancis)
  • permissions-hu (Hungaria)
  • permissions-it (Italia)
  • permissions-ja (Jepang)
  • permissions-ko (Korea)
  • permissions-ml (Malayalam)
  • permissions-nl (Belanda)
  • permissions-no (Norwegia)
  • permissions-pl (Polski)
  • permissions-pt (Portugis)
  • permissions-ru (Rusia)
  • permissions-sk (Slovak)
  • permissions-sl (Sloven)
  • permissions-sr (Serbia)
  • permissions-tr (Turki)
  • permissions-uk (Ukraina)
  • permissions-vi (Vietnam)
  • permissions-zh-hans (Tionghoa (Aksara Sederhana))
  • permissions-zh-hant (Tionghoa (Aksara Tradisional))

Pengiriman foto

Wikimedia projects often lack good, freely-licensed images for certain articles, especially biographies of living persons. To mitigate this, the photosubmission queues were created on OTRS. They allow readers of Wikipedia and subjects (or their agents) of articles on the project to easily submit (via email to us) photos to help illustrate their articles.

Similar to the operation of permissions queues, the photosubmission team verifies that the person submitting the image is capable of freely licensing it, that they clearly state their intent to license it under a specific free license, and that they understand what they are doing. The team then helps by uploading and adding the image(s) to the relevant articles. The Dutch OTRS team has a similar initiative as part of their info-nl queue: Wikiportrait.

Sister projects

Commons-logo.svg Wikibooks-logo.svg Wikinews-logo.png Wikiquote-logo.png Wikidata-logo.svg Wikisource-logo.svg Wikispecies-logo.png Wiktionary-logo.svg Wikiversity-logo.svg Wikivoyage-Logo-v3-icon.svg

Although the majority of our mail goes to Wikipedia-related queues, we do have dedicated queues set up for each of the "sister projects" shown above. These queues were created to give each of our projects the special attention they deserve so that we can seek out the best volunteer agents to serve on our team on those particular queues. If you have any particular knowledge about any of the Sister projects above, please feel free to request access to them individually as part of your application.

Other queues

There are many other queues in use within our OTRS implementation. They range in purpose but share one core purpose: to assist in facilitating communication amongst Wikimedia users, readers, customers and anybody else who has something to say! Through Wikimedia OTRS we support “Wiki Loves Monuments”, a number of Wikimedia chapters, several local oversight teams and numerous other foundation-related projects.

OTRS administrators

If you have any questions about applying or anything else relating to Wikimedia OTRS, feel free to contact one of the people below. You can also email volunteers-otrs(at)wikimedia.org or join us on the freenode IRC network in #wikimedia-otrsconnect.

If you disagree with an action that is linked to an OTRS ticket and would like it reviewed by other OTRS volunteers, please see OTRS/Review or contact one of the administrators below.

User Languages Location Time zone Email IRC nickname(s)
Daniel en, is-3 Adelaide, Australia UTC+09:30 – Australian Central Standard Time dbryantsa(at)gmail.com DanielB
DCB de, en-2 Germany UTC+01:00 – Central European Time via EmailUser DCB_
Emufarmers en USA UTC−05:00 – Eastern Time (North America) via EmailUser Emufarmers
Keegan en Huntsville, Alabama, USA UTC−06:00 – Central Time (North America) via EmailUser Keegan
Krd de, en-3 Germany UTC+01:00 – Central European Time via EmailUser Krd
Mailer diablo en, zh Singapore UTC+08:00 – Singapore Standard Time via EmailUser mailer_diablo
Matthewrbowker en, es-3 Colorado, United States UTC−07:00 – Mountain Standard Time via EmailUser Matthew_
MF-Warburg de, en-3, fr-2, tet-1, es-1 Germany UTC+01:00 – Central European Time via EmailUser MF-W
Raymond de, en-3, nl-2 Cologne, Germany UTC+01:00 – Central European Time raimond.spekking(at)gmail.com Raymond_
Ruthven fr, it, en-4, es-4 France UTC+01:00 – Central European Time via EmailUser ruthven
Rjd0060 (Ryan) en USA UTC−05:00 – Eastern Time (North America) rjd0060.wiki(at)gmail.com RD, Rjd0060
Sphilbrick en USA UTC−05:00 – Eastern Time (North America) via EmailUser

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