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Offline Projects/Case Studies/2012 ARWP Site Notice

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Beginning in May 2012, the Arabic Wikipedia put up a site notice introducing Kiwix as an offline tool, with links to downloading the Arabic Wikipedia ZIM file (that is, an offline edition of the Arabic Wikipedia.


Note: this should be the community decision to get the ZIM file created and the site notice up...


  • March, 29, 2012: Prepared the Arabic version of Kiwix
  • April, 7, 2012: Contacted Emmanuel from Kiwix to update the ZIM file for the Arabic Wikipedia
  • April, 26, 2012: Latest version of Arabic Wikipedia ZIM file created
  • March, 30, 2012: Decided to put up site notice
  • March, 29, 2012: Wrote Kiwix Wikipedia article in Arabic
  • April, 27, 2012: Wrote site notice text
  • (Insert dates/or # of days): Kept site notice up.


The Kiwix project had to set up a new mirror server to be able to provide both the software and ZIM files in the best conditions to cater to the new visitors in the Middle East.



Qualitatively, impact is TBD! But some feedback we have heard via the Kiwix Feedback Tool, on why people downloaded Kiwix:

  • "افضل متصفح" ("A better browser") -- Saudi Arabia
  • "initial interest came for getting info from wikipedia whenever i needed." --UAE
  • "Because get information with out internet" --Egypt
  • "to search for medical info" --Jordan
  • "to use it in my life and to use it without connecting to the internet .also to have more information about the world and to use in my life .i think it will be useful for ma thank for every body " --Oman
  • "for more information" --Egypt
  • "عالم من المعرفة" ("A world of knowledge") --Egypt
  • "it would be useful for quick information that may be needed when i have no internet connection" --Palestinian Territory'


Quantitatively, however, the impact seen has been enormous! So far:

Open questions[edit]

  1. Is this the best content package to provide in Arabic?
  2. Is this a good idea for other projects to do too? (Can the Kiwix infrastructure support it?)
This was a great idea! I hope to see it copied on other Wikimedia projects. The Kiwix infrastructure will be able to deal with additional traffic if such a system is replicated. But, this need to be prepared. So if you want to do it, please announced it a little bit before to the Kiwix Webmaster. Kelson (talk) 21:04, 28 June 2012 (UTC)[reply]