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Interested participants[edit]

Are you interested in participating? Please sign here, so we can get a better idea of how to best plan/accommodate!

  • Jessie Wild
  • Nikhilsheth (talk) (but no clue how to get there!)
  • AshLin (talk). Interested in coming but for health reasons will not be available. My very best wishes for the function. Will eagerly await the online streaming feeds or YouTube videos.
  • Adam Wight
  • Stephen. Interested but did not make it to Wikimania. Live streams would do or collaborations via an etherpad.
  • ...

General meeting[edit]

A general proposal for the Offline Wikipedia meet-up is submitted to the Wikimania site:

In-depth meeting[edit]

The need to develop the strategy of the offline Wikipedia work transcends an hour long workshop, and therefore it would be helpful to plan something for more time. Proposal:


July 10–11 - Wikimania Hackathon

Available/Very likely
  1. User:Jwild
  2. User:Ckepper
  3. Manuel Schneider(bla) (+/-)
  4. User:He!ko
Not available
  1. User:Kelson
  2. User:Rgaudin

Alternate date proposals If you are unable to attend the dates listed above, please suggest an alternate time

SF Bay Area

An open invitation, please make a note here if you will be in the San Francisco area and can be available to meet. Adamw (talk) 00:24, 11 March 2012 (UTC)




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