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This annual report covers the period from July 2020 through July 2021.

This report presents activities by the Ohio Wikimedians User Group during their fourth year, July 2020 - July 2021.

Throughout the year, Ohio Wikimedians User Group membership grew by 1.

The 2020-2021 year was less active than prior years, but is expected to pick up next year as activities resume as the COVID-19 pandemic slows.


WikiConference North America 2020[edit]

WCNA 2020 logo.

WikiConference North America (WCNA) is the annual conference of Wikimedia enthusiasts and volunteers throughout the continent. WikiConference North America 2020 took place virtually from December 11–13. The theme for the year's conference was online.

A number of Ohio Wikimedians were in attendance, with Ohio Wikimedian Kevin Payravi helping organize. The Ohio Wikimedians were also present at the North American community round-up.

WikiProject Cleveland Museum of Art[edit]

In 2019, the Ohio Wikimedians User Group collaborated with the Cleveland Museum of Art and Neal Stimler to launch WikiProject Cleveland Museum of Art on the English Wikipedia, dedicated to improving Wikipedia with photos provided by the CMA, as well as improving articles related to the Museum and its artworks.

Between 2020 and 2021, Ohio Wikimedians continued the effort of tracking project articles, and also onboarding the Museum to the new GLAM Wiki Dashboard tool (the first institution in the U.S. to be tracked via this tool). Media donated by the Cleveland Museum of Art currently receives between 3 and 4 million views across Wikimedia projects as of this report's writing.


The members and organizers of the Ohio Wikimedians User Group and Wikipedia Connection would like to thank the following for their help in supporting the Wikimedia movement:

  • Everyone involved in the success of WikiConference North America 2020, which brought Wikimedians from throughout North America together.