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Ohio Wikimedians User Group/Resolutions/Net Neutrality

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The following statement regarding net neutrality was approved by a consensus of Ohio Wikimedians members, and was issued May 3, 2018.


To freely share in the sum of all knowledge requires that one be able to freely access that knowledge. Under previous protections, the rights of everyone to use the internet as they saw fit were guaranteed. Now with new FCC regulations repealing Net Neutrality, the ability to use the internet to spread free knowledge with the entire world is now in doubt. It is possible, and in our opinion quite likely, that restrictions on internet usage in the United States would be instituted, limiting access behind paywalls or data caps and ensuring that only those who pay would truly have access to one of mankind's greatest achievements. In order to preserve the spread of knowledge afforded only by a free and open internet, Ohio Wikimedians User Group declares our support for Net Neutrality, and any and all efforts to preserve it in the United States and throughout the world.