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2019 Q1 + Q2
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The previous report for this period was incorrect. It was withdrawn and replaced by the following report.

This is a periodic report summarising the activity and caseload of the Ombudsman Commission for the 180-day period from 1 January to 30 June 2019.

  • The Commission entered this reporting period with 13 matters unresolved.
  • The Commission passed a resolution upon 4 matters during the period.
  • 12 new matters were raised with the Ombudsman Commission during the period.
  • At the period end, there were 21 open matters.

The Commission is appointed every February for a 12-month period and a new set of Commissioners was appointed in February 2019, partway through this period. For information on the members, see m:Ombudsman commission#Previous ombudsmen and m:Ombudsman commission#Chart.

The caseload ageing of the Commission over the period was:

As at period start Resolutions passed Opened in period As at period end
New 2 4 12 3
1 month old 3 2
2 months old 4 2
3 months old 2 5
6 months old 2 9
Over 1 year old 0 0
Total 13 4 12 21

No reports were made to the Wikimedia Foundation by the Commissioners in the meaning of the terms of reference.

The Commission does not publish any other details of its resolutions.

Published by commission member: AGK ■ 08:50, 15 April 2020 (UTC)[]