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See this board resolution for an updated list of Committees.

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The current trustees are:

Wikimedia committees[edit]

Over time, the Wikimedia Foundation has created a variety of different committees. Some have been more successful than others. Some at the executive level, others more at the strategic one, most committees involve either at least a trustee or staff member. A description of these committees may be found at Wikimedia committees.

In the past, several official positions were created, mostly when the Wikimedia Foundation had no staff. Over time, most of these positions have become deprecated, either after the creation of a committee, or after hiring a staff member to fill that particular role.

Amongst the few official positions still recognized for volunteers include the following.

  • Chief Research Coordinator – Greg Maxwell
    Responsibilities – This role is to study Wikimedia's content, technology and community, to identify and prioritize the needs of the individual Wikimedia projects, to make recommendations for targeted development, to guide and motivate outside developers, to assist in the study of new project proposals, and to collaborate with researchers who are not part of the Wikimedia community. See Wikimedia Research Network.
  • Election Officials – involved during WMF board elections. Number and responsibilities vary with each election.
  • Ombudsman commission

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