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Possible future skeleton of content[edit]

All PR materials should be presented on meta. This revamp should be closely coordinated with the Meta:MetaProject to Overhaul Meta.

  • Wikimedia Foundation structures
    • groups (ComCom, ComProj - also recruitment for the latter)
    • staff (Jay, Kul)
    • Contact
  • Wikimedia Foundation information and news
    • protocols (OTRS - info and press)
    • WMF wiki
    • news / blog?
    • press releases
  • General information for PR helpers
    • visual guidelines, brand
    • legality: trademarks
    • manual for PR helpers
    • agenda, event plans and strategies
  • Materials
    • logos (especially anything employing the copyrighted trademarks for WP, WMF or the projects)
    • promotional products
    • document templates
    • what to use at events
    • leaflets and booklets
    • texts, e.g. press kit
    • photo gallery (should this be on meta or should we link to the Commons category?)
      • (I think commons should hold all photos and be accessible via definitive categories)
    • Presentations
      • Wikimania
      • Fundraisers
    • Giving banners
    • Donate buttons
    • Other templates