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We are currently holding meetups focusing on article writing and editing on Test Wikipedia of Paiwan. We welcome anyone who is able to write in pinayuanan to join us. Please see the schedule below. Feel free to sign up for any section if you're interested in participating!


No. Topic Time Note
1 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 1 for the article of Malaysia 20:00~22:30 (UTC+8), 22th August, 2021 google documents
2 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 2 for the article of Philippines 20:00~22:00 (UTC +8), 29th August, 2021 google documents
3 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 3 for the article of Singapore 20:00~22:00 (UTC+8), 5th September, 2021 google documents
4 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 4 for the article of Israil 20:00~22:00 (UTC+8), 12th September, 2021 google documents
5 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 5 for the article of dripun Coming soon google documents
6 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon