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A note from the WMF grants team regarding funding participation in Wikimedia-organized events[edit]

The Participation Support Program (a partnership between WMF and WMDE distinct from the WMF Grants Program) will not fund individual participation in "Wikimedia-organized events" (defined as events organized by Wikimedia chapters, the WMF, or other Wikimedian groups). However, WMF is likely to fund participation in Wikimedia-organized events when the event organizers apply for funding through the Project and Event Grants Program. Therefore, individuals seeking funds for participation in Wikimedia-organized events should apply through the event organizers during the planning stages of the event so that the organizers can budget appropriately to cover these costs.

This note applies especially to event organizers and to individuals who may apply for funding to participate in Wikimedia-organized events. Our hope is that these guidelines will streamline this process for event organizers and attendees alike and that we might avoid duplication of efforts and excessive administrative burdens for all. For more details on how this policy may affect participants and event organizers, see the Q&A below.

If you have questions or concerns, we look forward to continuing the discussion here.


The (newly renamed) Participation Support Program Committee and the WMF Grants Team


Q: What do you mean by "Wikimedia-organized event"?

A: By "Wikimedia-organized event", we mean an event organized by a Wikimedia chapter or chapters, the WMF, or another Wikimedian group. These may include conferences, camps, and other regional or international convenings. For example see, Grants:GLAM-WIKI_US/GLAMcamp_DC.

Q: Why can't individual requests for participation in these events be funded through the Participation Support Program?

A: These requests do not fall within the scope of the Participation Support Program (formerly the Participation Grants Program), as noted here Participation:Support and on this page, because funding for individual participation in Wikimedia-sponsored events is provided for by the WMF Grants Program in the form of large grants to event organizers.

Q: Since I can't apply to fund my individual participation in these events through the Participation Support Program, can I apply as an individual through the WMF Grants Program?

A: Requests for individual travel reimbursements usually do not fall within the scope of the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program either and are unlikely to be funded that way. You are welcome to apply, but please note that although Wikimedia Foundation has sometimes funded individual requests for participation through the WMF Grants Program in the past, the WMF Grants Program is unlikely to continue funding requests like this as we move forward.

Q: As an event organizer planning a Wikimedia-organized event, can I request funds from WMF to fund participants' travel to my event or the costs of participation in my event?

A: Event organizers should include funds to reimburse participants' or speakers' travel costs in the proposal's budget if they are required. These funds may also be included in a proposal submitted to the WMF Grants Program if that organization is applying for a grant to support the event. In this case, funds will be requested in the name of the organizers rather than in the name of individual participants, and the organizers will be responsible for distributing these funds to participants and for documenting these funds at the time of reporting. Please note that event organizers will be responsible for obtaining receipts from participants to document their expenses for reporting purposes.

Q: As an individual, what should I do if I would like funding to attend a Wikimedia-organized event?

A: Individuals requesting funding to attend a Wikimedia-organized event are encouraged to request funding from the event organizers during the planning stages of that event, so that the organizers will have an opportunity to request funds from the WMF Grants Program if they need to.

Q: As an event organizer, I would like to fund the participation of several individuals in my Wikimedia-organized event, but I did not include a request for these funds in my original submission to the WMF Grants Program. My request has already been reviewed and funded. Can I request additional funding for this purpose?

A: The WMF Grants Program encourages event organizers to assess funds needed for participation during the planning stages of the event in order to secure the funds they may need in advance. However, the GAC and the WMF Grants Program may consider requests for additional funds on a case by case basis. In this case, you are encouraged to contact grants at wikimedia dot org to discuss next steps to amending your existing proposal or applying for additional funds.