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The meeting in short[edit]

The workshop was held over two days in Berlin. The program took its point of departure in the six visions formulated at the partnerships workshop in 2016 and the Strategic Direction. The group was more diverse than last year, however it was clear to everyone that the people in the room weren’t as such representative of the Wikimedia movement. This was explicitly kept in mind during the working process. The workshop led to a joint draft statement and action items at the end of day 2. It was agreed that the final version of the statement should be published after Christmas. Further some questions were formulated for the program of the Wikimedia Conference 2018 partnerships track.

The work process[edit]

The workshop roughly consisted of five steps:

  1. Recapturing and reviewing the six visions from 2016. There were no significant changes made to the six visions after the round.
  2. Interpretation of the Strategic Direction from a partnerships point of view.
  3. Distilling 4 Themes based on the interpretation of the Strategic Direction. The themes were: 1) Diversify and Alignment, 2) Resources and Structures, 3) Collaboration, Learning and Sharing, 4) Trust and Culture.
  4. Based on the four themes, questions relating to Phase 2 of the Strategy Process were formulated.
  5. Collaborative writing process. A draft was made, which will be finalized in December 2017, and published in January 2018.

Statement on Partnerships in the Wikimedia Movement[edit]

Text to be finalized and ready to share in January, 2018.

Topics for the Wikimedia Conference 2018 partnerships track[edit]

A few topics were identified that could be relevant for the WMCON18. However, as all participants were very committed to drafting a statement on partnerships in the movement, there was no further discussion about how to include or prioritize these topics. Cornelius Kibelka (WMCON Program and Engagement Coordinator) will continue to follow up on the topics with the relevant people.

Who and where[edit]

Present were: Astrid Carlsen (WMNO), Claudia Garad (WMAT), Kaarel Vaidla (Movement Strategy volunteer), Daria Cybulska (WMUK), John Andersson (WMSE), Keren Shatzman (WMIL), Rodrigo Padula (Wiki Educação Brasil), Biyanto Rebin (WMID), Jenny Ebermann (WMCH), Felix Nartey (Open Foundation West Africa), Nikki Zeuner (WMDE), Julia Kirchner (WMDE), Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE)

The workshop was facilitated by Anna Lena Schilller, and hosted by Wikimedia Deutschland.