Personalized icons of web browser's search engine plugins (consulting Wikipedia in 2 or more languages)

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There is a problem when one uses 2 or more search engine plugins in their browser to search in Wikipedia in 2 or more languages: the icons are all the same so it's very easy to consult, by mistake, in a wrong language version. The solution is a priori easy: personalize the icons. 2 main ways:

  • a) By default: All the Wikipedia English version pages that now offer the plugin with just the W as the icon sould offer the icon with the W + a flag or an abbreviation (en probably). If flag is used some controversy could be, but the usual & universal practise is to use the UK flag (if one goes to the origin of the language perhaps the flag of England should be used). The same for all the other Wikipedia languages.
  • b) Optional (with more possibilities): create page(s) here, in Meta-Wiki, to offer the plugins by clicking in links (as in the Mycroft Project). For each language different plugins could be offered: one with the W with an abbreviation and the others with the W with different flags, so each user can choose the plugin with the icon they want.

This has been discussed in Help:Searching of Wikipedia.