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PhilWiki Community
Philippine Wikimedia Community, Inc.
Philippine Wikimedia Community
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LocationFlag of the Philippines.svg Philippines
Country codePH-WC
Founding date1 June 2015
Approval date17 October 2015
Official language(s)Philippine languages
Other language(s)Central Bikol language, Rinconada Bikol language
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FacebookFacebook group and Facebook page

PhilWiki Community engages in various activities in the promotion of free knowledge using different platforms. As part of its inclusive and pluralistic focus, the organization is currently presiding over various outreach programs aimed at reaching out to marginalized groups in the Philippines.

Ramon Olaño, Jr. serves as the Chairman of Advocacy Committee (2019-2020). Ramon or Ringer has been involved with the Wikimedia movement since 2007 as a contributor on Bikol Wikipedia. He is also working actively for Philippine Wikimedia Community user group where he currently serves as Treasurer. He represented the user group at the 2016 and 2017 Wikimedia Conference held in Berlin, Germany.

Media promotion[edit]

Media promotion in television and radio programs and newspaper columns reach a wider audience and create interest among its subscribers. PhilWiki Community has appeared in a number of local media outfits while its members have been invited to share about its activities.


Engagement with civic and non-government organizations[edit]

As part of our community outreach activities, we have engaged with organizations which share a common interest with PhilWiki Community. It has collaborated in various celebrations such as the Mariano Perfecto Day in commemoration of contributions of the "father of Bikol and Hiligaynon literature", and Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day celebration held in Naga City.

Sumaro Bikolnon[edit]

Sumaro Bikolnon is a cultural organization which advocates the promotion of Bikol history and culture. Founded in 2007, its current president is Ramon Olaño who happens to be one of the board members of PhilWiki Community.


Nueva Caceres Heritage Movement[edit]

Nueva Caceres Heritage Movement is a heritage and historical organization which advocates the preservation of built heritage and local history of Bikol. Founded in 2015, it is a vibrant group of architects, writers, and enthusiasts who are passionate in the preservation of local heritage. In 2015, the organization supported Wiki Takes Rinconada. Likewise, PhilWiki Community has engaged in a number of activities organized by the NCHM.


Kintab Artists Group[edit]

Kintab Artists Group is a network of visual artists, writers and other artists which promotes different forms of artistic expressions. In 2019, the group conducted an art exhibit participated by some members of PhilWiki Community who are also into arts. During the Katood Art Exhibit as part the Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day celebration organized by Nueva Caceres Heritage Movement among other entities, Wikimedia promotional materials such as bookmarks and stickers were made available to the attendees.[1]



As advocates open knowledge as well as local culture and history, community members have been engaged in various fora as speakers or participants.


On 6 September 2019, at the Third Annual James O’Brien, SJ, Memorial Lecture Series: Preserving the Bikol Language – A Challenge to Bikolanos held at the Ateneo de Naga University in Naga City, Ramon Olaño, Jr. served as one of the invited reactors. The main lecturer is Dr. Jesus Federico Hernandez, Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics, University of the Philippines, and is currently the Director for Training of the Linguistics Society in the Philippines. Other reactors are Fr. Wilmer Tria and Dr. Cyril Conde.[2]