PhilWiki Community/Board Meeting Minutes/2021/June 12

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Minutes of the Board Meeting of June 12, 2021 - 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm Philippine Time

Board Meeting[edit]

Present: Ralff Nestor Nacor (President), Cris Fragata Gomez (Chair), Leah Banastao (Secretary), Irvin Sto. Tomas, (Treasurer); Others: Roderick Sumalinog, Maffeth Opiana

Absent: Steven Fung

Place: Magsaysay Ave., Naga City

Time: 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm Philippine Time


  1. Dinner with the President
  2. Policy on the Creation of a Community Branch
  3. Amendment of Resolution on Member in Good Standing
  4. Membership
  5. Other matters


  1. At present, Ralff Nacor is in Camarines Sur for a short vacation so the Board had decided to hold a meeting as it is a rare ocassion for him to be physically present in a Board Meeting. He earlier attended a community outreach activity at CBSUA to show his moral support to the group. He also shared to Board of his upcoming speaking engagement with Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers Chapter Luzon.
  2. Irvin discussed the Proposed Policy on Establishing a Philippine Wikimedia Community Branch (2021) based on the discussions of non-Bicol based members and with the President. The current draft also includes the suggestions made by Steven Fung. The Board decided to solicit for more comments from the general membership.
  3. The Board amended Resolution: Member in Good Standing particularly the last paragraph (changes in bold):
RESOLVED FINALLY, that a member who fails to attend two (2) successive annual general meetings of members, or to settle his/her membership fee within two (2) years after approval and annual dues in the last two (2) years, is considered an inactive member, who needs to apply for renewal of membership.
4. The treasurer reported the collections from membership fees, annual dues, and voluntary contributions.
5. Other matters were discussed privately.

The meeting formally ended at 8:30 pm after a group pictorial.

Approved Resolutions[edit]