PhilWiki Community/Board Meetings/2020/Resolution 2020-2

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2019 Resolutions Official Depositary Banks
2020 Resolutions
This resolution was approved by vote on 12 January 2020.

RESOLVED, the Board shall identify and recommend an official depositary bank which shall maintain all the accounts of PhilWiki Community (PH-WC);

RESOLVED, that the Treasurer AND the President be, as they are hereby, authorized to sign, for and on behalf of PH-WC any documents, withdrawal slips, checks or contracts as may be appropriate and/or required for the implementation of the foregoing transactions;

RESOLVED, that the Secretary be authorized, as he is hereby authorized, to submit to the official depositary bank the updated list of the incumbent officers occupying the above-mentioned positions, from time to time;

RESOLVED FURTHER, a joint-account between Ramon Olaño, Jr. and Irvin Sto. Tomas who is the current Treasurer and President of PH-WC, respectively, may temporarily maintain all the fees and annual dues of PH-WC members, in lieu of the official depositary bank;

RESOLVED FINALLY, that this Resolution shall remain valid, subsisting and enforceable unless subsequently modified, revoked, or superseded by a resolution of the Board of Trustees and a copy of such resolution is actually received by the official depositary bank.