PhilWiki Community/Board Meetings/2020/Resolution 2020-3

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2019 Resolutions Endorsement to the Affiliations Committee
2020 Resolutions
This resolution was approved by vote on 12 January 2020.

WHEREAS, the PhilWiki Community (PH-WC), an affiliate organization established as Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group, is a free, open, and vibrant organization of Filipino volunteers and content editors from the Philippines and in the diaspora;

WHEREAS, PH-WC was formed as an organization of unaffiliated Wikipedians in the Philippines on 1 June 2015, was later recognized by the Affiliations Committee on 17 October 2015‎; and is now applying to become a chapter;

WHEREAS, Josh Lim, the founding president of Wikimedia Philippines, which has been rebranded as Wiki Society of the Philippines, and an administrator on the English Wikipedia and a bureaucrat on the Tagalog Wikipedia, has presented himself as a qualified Affiliations Committee candidate;

WHEREAS, all Wikimedians are invited to share endorsements and comments about the Affiliations Committee candidates;

WHEREAS, Josh Lim has served as a member of the Affiliations Committee who "played a critical role in helping support movement affiliates in Asia and in the developing world more widely, ensuring that new affiliates got the support they get, as well as having a sound ear they can talk to" as he puts it;

WHEREAS his reappointment in the Affiliations Committee will be beneficial to the global community because of his passion, knowledge, and experience in "dealing with affiliates, growing them, bridging disagreements and building on the goodwill";

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, that an endorsement by the Board shall be given to Josh Lim for his appointment to the Affiliations Committee as a member.