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Report of activities: 2021[edit]

This page is the Annual Report of PhilWiki Community for the year 2021. It includes the activities of the organization from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

The Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group or PhilWiki Community was formed on 1 June 2015 to served as an organization of unaffiliated Wikipedians in the Philippines.


  • January 6 - Organizational-Board Meeting was held in Naga City attended by Irvin Sto. Tomas (chair), Marvin Molin (secretary), Maffeth Opiana (treasurer), Leah Banastao, Ian Kenneth Orasa, Froy Berana, Maricon Opiana, and Marife Altabano. The agenda included: 2021 targets and activities, partnership with Kintab Artist Group, mayor's permit, BIR, etc., and other matters.
  • January 13 - Wikipedia 20 Stickering Challenge was conducted as part of the upcoming 20th birthday of Wikipedia. Participants encouraged random people to get their cellphones stickered with Wikipedia logo.
  • January 15 - Filipino Wikipedians in Camarines Sur joined the world in celebrating Wikipedia's 20th birthday. The Philippine community based in Naga City has initiated and organized various activities despite the pandemic including WikiGap Challenge, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wikipedia Asian Month among others. Advocacy activities included Wikipedians appearing on a local program broadcasted over radio and social media platforms, and engaging vloggers and social media influencers in promoting Wikipedia. The Raul S. Roco Library which is run by City Government of Naga has been supportive of the Community's efforts for collaboration.
PhilWiki Community supported Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, a pilot program of Wiki Education Team in partnership with Department of Education - Division of Pasay City, concluded in November. Just three days before the Wikipedia 20 celebration, Bikol Wiktionary project was approved after years in incubation.



  • March 5 - In partnership with Developh Community, the 1-hour WikiGAP: Closing the Digital Gender Gap discussion via livestream to launch WikiGap in the Philippines. PH-WC president Irvin Sto. Tomas introduced the activities of the organization and answered relevant issues related to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement.[1]
  • March 7 - Wiki Loves Earth and Wikimedia Commons Workshop[2] was among the topics at the Pagkarahay Art Festival 2021 organized by Kintab Artist Group, Inc. in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Minalabac and National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) held in Minalabac, Camarines Sur. PH-WC president talked about the international nature photography competition and free licensing. The 8-day art festival featured webinars, zoom and live streaming, arts exhibits, art installations, performance arts, murals, films, bands, yoga, zumba, open mic, talks and workshops on arts, literary, theatre, music and dance, bringing in the theme “Pagkarahay: Isip, Lawas, Kalag” (Healing: Mind, Body & Soul).[3]
  • March 18 - Ten teachers from Cararayan National High School attended a meet-up organized by Maffeth Opiana wherein she oriented the attendees with the on-going WikiGap Campaign. At least 10 of her co-teachers have also participated in past activities organized by PhilWiki Community including the 10th Bikol Wikipedia Anniversary in 2017, Wiki Loves Earth Philippines from 2018-2020, and WikiGap Campaign in 2020.
  • March 20 - The 2021 annual general meeting was held on the 20th day of March, from 1:47 pm - 8:02 pm Philippine Time at Blackscoop Café, Naga City with live updates in Facebook messenger. Thirteen (13) members were in attendance, six were absent and one membership is suspended.
The duly-elected as trustees to serve for a one-year term were: Ralff Nestor Nácor (9 votes - ELECTED), Maricris Gomez (7 votes - ELECTED), Irvin Sto. Tomas (7 votes - ELECTED), Leah Banastao (7 votes - ELECTED), Steven Fung (7 votes - ELECTED). Other members who received votes were: Marvin Molin (6), Ian Kenneth Orasa (3), Joseph Ciudadano (3), Ramon Olaño Jr. (2), Maffeth Opiana (2), Harold Gomez (1) and John Paul Collantes (1).
At the first board meeting of the newly-elected trustees, Ralff was unanimously elected President/Chair with Steven as Vice-President/Vice Chair. To serve as the new Treasurer is Irvin while Leah was elected as the new Secretary. Appointed officers were Joseph as the new Auditor, and Ian Kenneth as the new Public Information Officer.


  • April 19 - Regular Board Meeting was held virtually via Google Meet attended by Cris Fragata Gomez (chair), Leah Banastao (secretary), Ralff Nestor Nacor (president), Irvin Sto. Tomas (treasurer). The agenda included: partnerships, membership, and other matters. Thru Resolution: Membership Approval (4/19/2021), eleven (11) membership applications were unanimously approved.


  • May 5 - Organizational-Board Meeting was held in Naga City attended by Cris Fragata Gomez (chair), Leah Banastao (secretary), Irvin Sto. Tomas (treasurer); other attendees/past officers: Marvin Molin, Maffeth Opiana. The agenda included: transfer of duties of past officers to new officers, treasurer's report, organization's financial statements and percentage tax requirements, submission of copies of financial statements and general information sheet to the Securities and Exchange Commmission, new membership and privileges of regular members, and project initiatives and collaborations. Thru Resolution: Membership Approval (5/5/2021), eight (8) membership applications were unanimously approved.
  • May 25 - Wikimedia Commons tutorial and membership orientation were conducted in Naga City.
  • May 30 - Regular Board Meeting was held virtually via Google Meet attended by Ralff Nestor Nacor (president), Irvin Sto. Tomas, Fragata Gomez (chair), Leah Banastao (secretary). The agenda included: membership, chapter, upcoming activities, and other matters. Thru Resolution: Membership Approval (5/30/2021), seven (7) membership applications were unanimously approved. To date, PhilWiki Community has thirty-nine (39) members.


  • June 1 - In partnership with Kintab Artists Group and Manapao Elementary School under District of Minalabac, PhilWiki Community conducted the first Wiki Loves Art mural painting.
  • June 2 - PhilWiki Community members were asked: What do we want to achieve in the next 6 months as one Community? The word cloud is based on the answers of 21 respondents.
  • June 12 - Organizational Meeting was held in Naga attended by Ralff Nestor Nacor (president), Cris Fragata Gomez (chair), Leah Banastao (secretary), Irvin Sto. Tomas, (treasurer); Other attendees were Roderick Sumalinog and Maffeth Opiana. The agenda included: Dinner with the President, policy on the creation of a community branch, amendment of resolution on Member in Good Standing, membership, and other matters.
  • June 15 - Meet-up with Ringer, Filipinayd and Manila-based Ralffralff in Naga City.

  • June 18 - Wikimedians, artists, teachers and volunteers visited San Juan National High School in Libmanan, Camarines Sur for the Wiki Loves Art Mural Painting advocacy and outreach activity, which is part of the #Wikipedia20 global celebration. Decimo L. Espiritu, Ed.D., SNHS Secondary School Principal III, graced the ocassion and donated materials for the group's upcoming mural painting activities in his appreciation.
  • June 19Engr. Ralff Nestor Nacor served as a guest speaker on Chemical Engineers and the Food & Beverage Industry at the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers - Junior Chapter Luzon (PIChE-JCL) Fair 2021 attended by B.S. Chemical Engineering students from Luzon via Zoom. Aside from sharing his experience as a chemical engineer, he also presented his volunteer works as a Wikipedian advocating the science information in the local language.
  • June 25 - Regular Board Meeting was held virtually via Google Meet attended by Ralff Nestor Nacor (president), Irvin Sto. Tomas (treasurer), Cris Fragata Gomez (chair), and Leah Banastao (secretary). The agenda included: approval of a resolution on Policy on Establishing a Philippine Wikimedia Community Branch, branch officers, expansion of Board and/or Officers, and Wiki editing contest for the members of the user group.
  • June 27 - Wiki Loves Art Mural Painting was conducted at Central Bicol State University of Agriculture - Pili Main Campus.




  • September 3 - Regular Board Meeting was held virtually via Google Meet. The Board unanimously passed resolutions on Policy on Code of Conduct, Grievance Committee, and Member Expulsion after a series of discussions among the members.
  • September 4 - PhilWiki Community and other stakeholders volunteered for the Brigada Eskwela 2021 at Bikol High School for the Arts and Culture in preparation for the opening of classes. The Community conducted a dialogue with the school head on a posible partnership together with Parasurat Bikolnon and Kintab Artists Group.



  • November 25-30 - Pagkarahay Art Festival 3 sponsored by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Kintab Artist Group Inc., Isarog Garden Society Foundation Inc. in partnership with the city government of Naga, Metropolitan Naga Water District and PhilWiki Community. On the part of PhilWiki Community, it will conduct Wiki Loves Art Photo Hunt, discussions on Wikipedia as part of its 14th Bikol Wikipedia Day celebration, and WikNic gathering. The 6-day art festival will feature art exhibit, murals, art installations, painting competition, photo walk, Wiknic, traditional games, open forum, art talks and concert. This year's festival has a theme “Kapalibutan: Burabod nin buhay” (Environment: Source of life).