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PhilWiki Community/WikiGap Philippines 2022

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WikiGap Campaign in the Philippines is a community outreach initiated by PhilWiki Community which runs from March 1st to March 31st. An offline event to be participated by women and members of the Community will take place on March 5 in Naga City. A month-long WikiGap editing activities will be dedicated on building knowledge about women and related topics.

The #WikiGap campaign is a partnership between Wikimedia affiliates and The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and invites broad and diverse participation, and allows for local adaptations to the overall theme of closing the gender gap and other gaps relevant for diversity on Wikipedia.

WikiGap events take place around International Women's Day in March 2022 and continue during the year in several cities around the world run by the Swedish Embassy and local Wikimedia affiliates. Find out more about WikiGap on: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiGap.


WikiGap 2022
WikiGap 2022
In March 2017, a sister edit-a-thon in four languages between the Swedish embassy in New Delhi and Stockholm was organized for International Women's day. The Swedish embassies in Pretoria and Washington DC then followed and hosted Wikipedia edit-a-thons with Wikimedia chapters.
Since then, the ministry has developed a tool kit for how embassies should organize Wikipedia edit-a-thons, and they are committed to surfacing the achievements of women in the world’s largest encyclopedia, in partnership with Wikimedia affiliates and other local organizations.
In the Philippines, PhilWiki Community joined the global campaign in 2019 wherein the participants focused on creating new articles on LGBTQ and Women related topics thru Translation. As a result, two Community members have made it to the top contributors, internationally.
In 2020, five participants improved at least 30 articles each during the campaign launch and they actively worked to improve the visibility of women in seven Philippine languages namely: Bikol, Cebuano, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Tagalog, and Waray.
In 2021, in partnership with Developh Community, PhilWiki Community had a 1-hour WikiGAP: Closing the Digital Gender Gap discussion via livestream to launch WikiGap in the Philippines.[1] The organization introduced its activities and answered relevant issues related to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement.
Wikipedia is the world’s largest online and user-generated encyclopaedia. Knowledge is power, and Wikipedia has the potential to color our view of the world. But there is great imbalance between men and women on the website, like in society at large.
Ninety per cent (90%) of those who add content to Wikipedia are men. There are four times as many articles about men as there are about women. The figures vary regionally, but no matter how you look at it, the picture is clear: the information about women is less extensive than that about men. Regardless of which language version of Wikipedia you read. We want to change this.
#WikiGap is an event during which people around the world gather to add more content to Wikipedia about women figures, experts and role models in various fields. Similar events have already been arranged in almost 60 countries worldwide to improve women’s representation on the internet.
Together, we want to bring about a more gender-equal internet – and a more gender-equal world.


Missing articles/articles need to improve on Women[edit]

This is the list of suggested articles for WikiGap Philippines edit-a-thon. Participants are welcome to create and expand articles out of this list also.

you may update this list

Articles created[edit]

  1. bto:Ridhima Pandey
  2. bto:Tishiko King
  3. bcl:Tishiko King
  4. bcl:Marinel Sumook Ubaldo
  5. bcl:Mia Tijam
  6. bcl:Ping Federes
  7. bcl:MacKenzie Scott
  8. bcl:Christine Lagarde
  9. bcl:Mary Barra
  10. bcl:Melinda French Gates
  11. bcl:Abigail Johnson
  12. bcl:Ana Botín
  13. bcl:Ursula von der Leyen
  14. bcl:Julie Sweet
  15. bcl:Karen S. Lynch
  16. bcl:Carol Tomé
  17. bcl:Emma Walmsley
  18. bcl:Jane Fraser (executive)
  19. bcl:Gail Koziara Boudreaux
  20. bcl:Rosalind Brewer
  21. bcl:Susan Wojcicki
  22. bcl:Safra Catz
  23. bcl:Ruth Porat
  24. bcl:Martina Merz
  25. bcl:Judith McKenna
  26. bcl:Amanda Blanc
  27. bcl:Shemara Wikramanayake
  28. bcl:Nicke Widyawati
  29. bcl:Amy Hood
  30. bcl:Cate McGregor
  31. bcl:Phebe Novakovic
  32. bcl:Shari Redstone
  33. bcl:Jessica Soho
  34. bcl:Mariel Rodriguez
  35. bcl:Imee Marcos
  36. bcl:Isabelle Daza
  37. bcl:Bella Hadid
  38. bcl:Jennie (parakanta)
  39. bcl:Joan Birman
  40. bcl:Laverne Cox
  41. bcl:Marjorie Lee Browne
  42. bcl:Alicia Prieto Langarica
  43. bcl:Menstruwal na siklo
  44. bcl:Maria Ozawa
  45. bcl:Ina
  46. bcl:Lucy Lake
  47. bcl:Angeline Murimirwa
  48. bcl:Carol Dweck
  49. bcl:Patricia K. Kuhl
  50. bcl:Wendy Kopp
  51. bcl:Daisy Bates (author)
  52. bcl:Alice Childress
  53. bcl:Alice Paul
  54. bcl:Belva Ann Lockwood
  55. bcl:Esther Martinez
  56. bcl:Margaret Sanger
  57. bcl:Florence Chadwick
  58. bcl:Lucy Stone
  59. bcl:Lyda Conley
  60. bcl:Mary Walton
  61. bcl:Hetty Green
  62. bcl:Constance Markievicz
  63. bcl:Mia Mottley
  64. bcl:Vigdís Finnbogadóttir
  65. bcl:Golda Meir
  66. bcl:Isabel Perón
  67. bcl:Agatha Barbara
  68. bcl:Khertek Anchimaa-Toka
  69. bcl:Milka Planinc ‎ 
  70. bcl:Sarojini Naidu
  71. bcl:Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo
  72. bcl:Evelyn Beatrice Hall
  73. bcl:Marine Le Pen
  74. bcl:Eugenia Charles
  75. bcl:Elisabeth Domitien
  76. bcl:Oydina Usmonova
  77. bcl:Aida Hanemayer (Lisenkova)
  78. bcl:Gro Harlem Brundtland
  79. bcl:Kazimira Prunskienė
  80. bcl:Nora Roberts
  81. bcl:Momtaz Begum
  82. bcl:Nora Ephron
  83. bcl:Dorothy Hughes (arkitekto)
  84. bcl:Sian Heder
  85. bcl:Olajumoke Adenowo
  86. bcl:Shahira Fahmy
  87. bcl:Svetlana Savitskaya
  88. bcl:Liu Yang (astronaut)
  89. bcl:Marsha Ivins

Top 3 contributors[edit]

  1. User:Ringer (28 articles)
  2. User:Maffeth.opiana (26 articles)
  3. User:Derk29 (19 articles)


  1. WikiGap: Closing the Digital Gender Gap YouTube. Uploaded on March 6, 2021