Photography Competition of Assamese Wikipedia, 2021

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Photography Competition of Assamese Wikipedia, 2021

Photography Competition[edit]


This WikiProject's primary aim is to encourage the contribution and improvement of photographs on Wikipedia. The project seeks to act as a focal point for photographers, photo editors, and digital artists such that requests to improve articles with photographs and the photographs themselves can be dealt with in a timely manner. Hopefully this project will act as a noticeboard for photographers and interested editors. We hope to raise CC-by-SA media related to Assam in the internet through Wikipedia, as such media is very less in the internet compared to other parts of our country. We believe this would act as vehicle to showcase natural and cultural heritage of Assam internationally.


  1. To increase the quality media and articles related to Assam.
  2. To attract non-text contributors photographers, graphic artists to Assamese wiki projects
  3. To create a model precedent for cooperation with WMF in organising projects.


  • Images submitted from 5th Jan, 2021 till 20st Jan, 2021 will only be taken into consideration for the competition.
  • To submit the photographs for competition in Wikimedia Commons a contestant must have an account in Wikimedia Projects. You need to get registered in Assamese Wikipedia and in case of any difficulty you may visit log-in help page for tutorials.
  • After creating your account you can log in to Wikimedia Commons and upload photos through Upload Wizard.
  • There must be a clear and concise description of the photo either in English or Assamese, but not other languages.
  • One contestant can upload multiple photographs.
  • Only one photograph of each contestant shall be considered for reward.
  • The size of the photographs are not rigidly defined, but 640x360 px is preferable. One should not upload too big or too small photos.
  • File extension of the images must be either .png or .jpg.
  • The images may be coloured or B&W.
  • The specified category for the photographs is Assamese Wikipedia Photography Competition 2021 and one must link his/her photos to this category.
  • A descriptive title of the photos in English is preferable for global usage. For example, if you are uploading a photo of paddy fields of Nagaon, you should replace the default title such as .DSC002.jpg with View of a paddy field in Nagaon.
  • There is no need to put a creative or imaginative name to the photographs.
  • Once uploaded, all images will automatically come under CC-by-SA (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike) license. The uploader cannot revoke this license in future course of time. The images may be used in various wikiprojects as required.
  • The image cannot be a selfie and the photographer must not be seen in the frame either fully or partially.
  • Photos promoting defamation, nudity, discrimination or bearing any such 'socially unacceptable message' are not acceptable. In this regard, decision taken by the judges are final and binding.
  • Digital effects that compromise the originality of the photograph are not welcome.
  • Images should not contain any watermark, copyright mark, photographer's name, caption, date and time stamp or any other artifacts added during post-production. Be considerate while compressing an image so that it does not reduce necessary details.
  • First five prizes shall only be distributed if there are minimum ten (10) participants. In this case, consolation prizes would not be given.
  • Images may be considered for prizes on the basis of quality and rarity.
Rules in detail
Help in submission.


  1. Images submitted till 20st Jan, 2021 will be included for the competition.
  2. Contestant has to open an account on his own and have submit the photos to commons on stage.
  3. There must be short description of photos in limited words(Assamese or English).
  4. A contestant can upload more than one photo.
  5. Photos submitted for competition must be from Assam or should be connect with the category 'Assam' or specific category Assamese Wikipedia Photography Competition 2021 assigned by the organizer.

6.The photos shall not contain any water mark and copyright. Photos submitted by contestant shall be under creative commons attribution share alike license.

Help about photo submission[edit]

Prizes [edit]

  • 1st - INR 6,000/- Gift Voucher, a T-shirt, and certificate
  • 2nd - INR 5,000/- Gift Voucher, a T-shirt, and certificate
  • 3rd - INR 3,000/- Gift Voucher, a T-shirt, and certificate
  • 4th and 5th - INR 2,000/- Gift Voucher, a T-shirt, and certificate
  • 6th and 10th - INR 1,000/- Gift Voucher, a T-shirt, and certificate
  • Certificates for winners and winning entries will be displayed in front pages of Assamese wiki projects.


  1. Publicity
  2. Responding to contestants queries, guiding them (onwiki, email and social media)
  3. Maintain contest portal and pages
  4. Jury duty (judging and identifying+tagging copyvios)