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Wikimedians of Nigerian Youths User Group is a group of Nigerian youth based in Lagos Lagos, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, Africa's largest country. According to the World population review, Nigeria's population is 210+ million, while The Nigerian youths occupy 33+ million (13.6%) of the entire population.

The user group aims to introduce and promote Wikipedia and its sister projects to the Nigerian youths in Lagos.


  • Promote the principle and ideology of open knowledge among Nigerian youths.
  • Promote the use of Wikipedia and its sister projects among the focused group.
  • Organize in-person gatherings among the Nigerian youths.
  • Promote the relevance of indigenous language on Wikipedia among the Nigerian youths.
  • Promote partnerships between the Wikimedia community and various government institutions, agencies, Non-profit organizations, cultural institutions, science, educational, and media organizations based in Lagos.
  • Involving the Nigerian youths in GLAM (Gallery, Library, Art and Museums)
  • Introduces mission-aligned organization led by Nigerian youth to Wikipedia and its sister projects.


  • Participation in Wikimedia Conferences eg . Wikimedia Summit, Wikimania etc
  • Promote Wikimedia strategies 2030 and its various initiatives and recommendations.
  • Organize regular wiki meetups in Lagos for Nigerian youths.
  • Organizing edit-a-thons and contents among Nigerian youths
  • Establish partnership with cultural institutions to promote GLAM in Lagos
  • Organizing PhotoWalks in Lagos.

Previous Activities[edit]

Description of event Project Period Remarks
Online-Offline promotion of video production of Wikipedia social inclusion campaign Commons, Wikipedia Completed
Celebrating Wikipedia 20 in the ancient city of Ibadan ( Promoting Social Inclusion in the society Wikipedia, Wikidata, commons Completed
Adding bibliography of Nigerian Hospital to Wikidata & Celebrating Wikidata’s Birthday in Ibadan, Nigeria Wikidata, Wikipedia and Commons Completed
Building Naijá Wikipedia Community+Edit-athon Naija Wikipedia Completed
Addressing Systemic bias against Nigeria Radio stations on Wikipedia Wikipedia,Wikimedia commons Completed

Upcoming Activities[edit]

Description of event Project Partner Remarks
Wikipedia Training for Batch C Corp Members of Nigeria Youth Service Corps( NYSC) Wikipedia, Wikidata and commons Nigeria Youth Service Corps March-April 2023
Wikidata for Nigeria Youths in conjuction with Ministry of Youth and Sports Wikdata Federal Ministry of Youth Sports May 2023
WikiYOUTHs Wikidata, Wikipedia and Commons Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Sport development August 2023
Building Biblography of Notable Nigeria Youths since indepence in 1960 Wikipedia, Wikidata and commons Nigerian National Library November 2023

Primary Contacts[edit]

Name Username Email
Ibrahim Ayinla Oludegun
Babatunde Asaolu Mrnyben1313
Alabija Aipu Kezia Bibiire1


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