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Noto Emoji Pie 1f4c4.svg (English) This is an essay. It expresses the opinions and ideas of some Wikimedians but may not have wide support. This is not policy on Meta, but it may be a policy or guideline on other Wikimedia projects. Feel free to update this page as needed, or use the discussion page to propose major changes.

I encourage everyone to edit this page and increase its edit count. The nature of a wiki is that every page can be edited. That is why there is an "Edit this page" link on every page. However, the mere existence of an edit this page link is in itself evidence that a page must be edited. Some pages are in a very good state and do need to be edited.

For example, this page is perfect as is. That is why the history shows only 39 edits to the page. Please do edit this page as doing so will only increase its perfection.

A special case is historical documents at Wikisource. If errors in the original document continue to be corrected by anonymous editors over a long period of time, perhaps a consensus could form to permanently not semi-protect a page. For example: Constitution of the United States of America.