Potential features for OmegaWiki

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This list of possible features is here to discuss things that are of interest to improve OmegaWiki's usability.

Queries that show missing content[edit]

  • All Dutch nouns have at least one gender. Typically people only know if a word has a neutral gender. Consequently many words do not indicate what gender they have.
  • Many words start their existence as a "placeholder". Finding these placeholders would be good as they need verification and added content.

User interface[edit]

  • The user interface should allow you to limit the languages that are shown to you. (In order of proficiency, so the user has to be able to indicate this in his/her profile). What is also important is to know in what other language this specific part of content is available as well.
  • Based on where you are from, the default language is shown for an anonymous user.
  • In the user interface a user can state what languages he is comfortable editing. (Editing and being able to read are two different things, so maybe it is important to keep two lists of what a user's linguistic abilities are)


  • In Wikipedia normally in the description of a word the first sentence is a short definition. This definition could be re-used for Wiktionary. Therefore it would be great if we could automatically transfer the word and the first sentence for definition and this would automatically help to connect the words (the link from OmegaWiki to the different Wikipedias).

integrating sound with the translations[edit]

When a soundfile is saved with a word, it would be cool to have a widget that when pressed will let you hear the pronunciation of that word. This widget would show itself when the soundfile is saved with the word.

History files[edit]

I think it would make excellent sense when the histrory data is saved by using XML data. We HAVE to save this data to comply with the GNU FDL license. Only the changes are to be saved this way.

Show where a certain word is used[edit]

This feature would show where a certain word can be found in a "real text" for example in literature or poetry on wikisource, but also in wikinews or wikibooks - wherever we "write" basically. For now I would like to concentrate on wikisource for a moment. Let's say we have the word "horse" and we would like to know where it is used - so a search function should search the present texts on wikisource and return a link list showing maybe even the sentence where the word is used - so "horse", if King Richard by Shakespeare is around on wikihourse wanting to give his kingdom for a horse, this feature should give back this text.