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Press release logbook/PR-1M-EN/EN

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[Mass email] is either the greatest blessing or the greatest curse of modern times; one sometimes forgets which.

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This log is for the 3/2006 "1 million English Wikipedia articles" press release.
Record here to whom you have sent or intend to send the release. see also Feb, 2004 on en

Wikimedia press releases | How to distribute a press release

To send a press release:

  1. Add contacts to the list below; note that you are contacting them ("contacting"). If you find a contact of yours already on the list, that suggests someone else has contacted them.
    Please add entries in alphabetical order, within each section.
    Alternately, add a note in the "Latest updates" section describing what you are doing, if adding many contacts at once.
  2. Record confirmation ("sent" or "called") once you have reached them, with the date of contact and your name.
  3. Add a publication date and link if a relevant piece is published/produced.

Latest updates[edit]

Major global media[edit]

Either over 500k in their audience, or not limited to a single country/geographic region.

Wire services[edit]

  • Associated Press (AP) (info@ap.org) -- covered
  • Press Association (copy@pa.press.net) -- email 3/3 Sj
  • United Press International (UPI) (pressreleases@upi.com) email 3/3 Sj

Papers and Magazines[edit]


  • Christian Science Monitor (70k), www.csmonitor.com All-CSM mail: jostynj@ --email 3/3 Sj
  • RTÉ News (news@rte.ie) --email 3/3 Sj
  • World News, editor@wn.com. --email 3/3 Sj

Web sites[edit]

Major news sites[edit]

  • CNET.com (send-us-news-tips@cnet.com, Martin.LaMonica) --email 3/3 Sj
  • Slashdot.org (via form) - Done, published 3/1
  • Ars technica (news@arstechnica.com) --email 3/3 Sj


Other online entities[edit]

Mailing Lists

IRC channels

  • #wiki* on freenode.net - done
  • #joiito on freenode.net - done


  • Wikipedia & other projects - Wikipedia done

Local Newspapers[edit]

United States (by state)[edit]

Unknown Location


  • The Press-Enterprise, Riverside, California, United States, penews@pe.com --email 3/3 Sj


  • Hartford Courant : c goldberg (books) --email 3/3 Sj
  • NHaven Register : news@newhavenregister.com --email 3/3 Sj
  • The News-Times : M Langlois --email 3/3 Sj



  • The Wichita Eagle : wenews@wichitaeagle.com --email 3/3 Sj


  • Boston Herald : newstips@bostonherald.com email March 3 -- Sj
  • news@capecodonline.com email March 3 -- Sj
  • news@eagletribune.com email March 3 -- Sj
  • New Bedford Std Times : newsroom@standard-times.com (lib'n, gail couture) email March 3 -- Sj
  • Patriot Ledger : newsroom@ledger.com (lib'n, linda chapman) email March 3 -- Sj
  • MIT Technology Review (see Magazines below)



  • Providence Journal : mail@projo.com Mich'l Cochran (tech & dev) email March 3 -- Sj




all save the Guardian (already covered) sent March 3 -- Sj

  • Guardian online (online.feedback@guardian.co.uk) and (newsroom@guardian.co.uk).
  • The Independent (newseditor@independent.co.uk).
  • The Times (home.news@thetimes.co.uk).
  • Times Education Supplement http://www.tes.co.uk/site_information/contact_us.asp
  • Evening Standard (editor@thisislondon.co.uk).
  • Daily Express (news.desk@express.co.uk).
  • South London Press (enquiries@slp.co.uk).
  • Daily Mirror (mirrornews@mgn.co.uk and iblog@mirror.co.uk - net news).
  • The Sun (news@the-sun.co.uk).
  • Times Higher Education Supplement (l.elliotmajor@thes.co.uk).
  • The Scotsman (enquiries@scotsman.com).
  • International Herald Tribune (iht@iht.com).
  • Daily Record (reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk).
  • The Inquirer (press.releases@theinquirer.net).
  • Wales on Sunday (wosmail@wme.co.uk).
  • Birmingham News (birmingham_news@mrn.co.uk)
  • Birmingham Evening Mail (eveningmail@mrn.co.uk)
  • Belfast Telegraph (editor@belfasttelegraph.co.uk)
  • Belfast News Letter (editor@newsletter.co.uk)
  • Edinburgh Evening News (newsEN@scotsman.com)
  • Scottish Daily Express (scot.news@express.co.uk)
  • Scottish Sunday Express (scotsunday@express.co.uk)
  • The Guardian Weekly (weekly@guardian.co.uk)
  • Sunday Independent (newsdesk@sundayindependent.co.uk)
  • Jewish Telegraph (mail@jewishtelegraph.com)
  • Metro (Yorkshire) (listings@metroyorkshire.co.uk)
  • Metro (London) (editorial@londonmetro.co.uk)
  • Metro (Scotland) (editorial@metroscot.co.uk)
  • Metro (North West) (editorial@metronorthwest.co.uk)
  • Metro (North East) (editorial@metronortheast.co.uk)
  • Sunday Mail (online@sundaymail.co.uk)
  • The Mail on Sunday (letters@mailonsunday.co.uk)
  • The Muslim News (info@muslimnews.co.uk)
  • Sunday Post (mail@sundaypost.com)
  • Scottish Catholic Observer (editorial@scottishcatholicobserver.com)
  • The Sunday Times Scotland (scotland@sunday-times.co.uk)
  • Ulster Gazette (ulster.gazette@ulsternet-ni.co.uk)
  • The Telegraph (liz.lightfoot@telegraph.co.uk)
sent March 3 Sj

Other Countries[edit]







Consider pitching a full story, not just a blurb or announcement.

Freelance, other[edit]

  • Lisa.Baertlein@reuters.com (Reuters) email March 3 -- Sj


These have much longer lead times than the preceeding; expect reports in these beasts to come out over the next two months; consider pitching each one a story, not just sending a press release.

Major newsmagazines[edit]

  • [mailto: ]New Scientist (news@newscientist.com) -email 3/3 Sj

Technology magazines[edit]

  • MIT Technology Review: alyssa danigelis -email 3/3 Sj
  • Computerworld(?|?) : cw.com Framingham, MA
    Michael gartenberg (mindspring) -sent 3/3 Sj
  • Information Today(?|?) : infotoday.com (online too)
    Paula Hane (email) - give advance notice of annoucements; include press releases in email. -sent 3/3 Sj
    research info, digi libs and services, KM.
  • Smart Computing(14d) : editor@ fundmentals, non-tech audience.
    Kylee Dickey -- software beats, incl encyclo/ref. Very Nice. [em]
  • .net - Paul Douglas (email), editor -email 3/3 Sj
  • Internetworks - Lisa Jones (email) -email 3/3 Sj
  • Internet and Broadband Advisor - G. Barlow (email) -email 3/3 Sj
  • PC Plus Magazine - I. Robson (email), editor? -email 3/3 Sj
  • Micromart (email) -email 3/3 Sj
  • Pc Pro (email) -email 3/3 Sj
  • Computer Shopper (email) -email 3/3 Sj
  • Linux Weekly News (email) -email 3/3 Sj
  • Computeractive (email) -email 3/3 Sj

Education magazines[edit]

  • Homeschooling today(180d) (email) -email 3/3 Sj
  • Life learning: lifelearningmagazine.com 800-215-9574
    Wendy Priesnitz (email: wendy@) -email sent 3/3 Sj
    info on homebased self-directed learning, how kids learn, how adults can help.

Language magazines[edit]

  • Language magazine: languagemagazine.com (email) 310-657-7767 -email sent 3/3 Sj
    bilingual education, esl and foreign-language teaching, national policy, literacy,
    curricula/testing, language-travel & training

  • Multilingual Computing and Technology(42/56d|7k?) (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
    Donna Parrish (email: donna@), editor? (also material of interest to translators, & people who buy/use such tech) send press releases, etc. to info@

UK magazines[edit]

  • Broadband World (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • Connect (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • Computing (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • Internet Works (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • It's on the Net (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • IT Week (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • IT Today (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • LinuxUser and Developer (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • MacUser (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • Palmtop User (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • PC Answers (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • Publishing News (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • Reader's Digest (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • WebUser (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • Web Active (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj
  • Which? (email) -email sent 3/3 Sj