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Press release logbook/pr-en-500k

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Wikipedia Publishes 500,000th Article in English Edition

This is a list of potential and actual press-release recipients. Brackets next to a name indicate the kind of contact info we have. Contact info which exists online is gathered here; some other contact info is noted here but not listed. Please obfuscate email addresses to foil spambots. If you have contact info to share, but don't want it on a public wiki, there is a semi-private wiki where you can put non-googlable content; leave a note on the talk page for access to it.


  • Contact person | jw: jwales, joi: joi ito, ang: angela, sj: sj, etc... (add yourself)
  • Contact format | em: email, ph: phone [for non-public contact info, else it is just listed]

How to send a press release:
First, read the page by that title. Then on this page, before you send a release,

  1. add a line for the person you want to contact, or find someone on this list to contact who has not already been claimed.
  2. add just your name at the end of the line before contacting them (~~~) This helps avoid contacting people more than once.
  3. add a timestamp by your name after contacting them. (~~~~~) sign with a timestamp (~~~~).
  4. remember to watch for publication of the press release, and link to it from the log entry.

You can also help by adding contact information for news outlets, or by claiming an unclaimed outletsending a release to an outlet listed here but unclaimed.

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March 2005 press release: English[edit]

Global media[edit]

Can we keep this alphabetical please?

  • Al Jazeera Channel: Ibrahim Helal, Newsroom Chief Editor [em,joi]
  • Ananova http://www.ananova.com/feedback/feedback.html.
  • Associated Press (AP) (info--at--ap.org).
  • BBC. Jo Twist. [[an]
  • Boston Metro (170K) : editorial--at--
  • Christian Science Monitor (70k), www.csmonitor.com | Net/new tech: Greg M Lamb (Boston). All-CSM mail: jostynj--at-- [ph]
  • NYT (1M):
  • Steve Lohr, writes 60% about MS, social impact of software trends & analysis [em]
  • John Markoff, Silicon Valley Tech Beat [em,joi?]
  • Tom Redburn, CyberTimes (w/ a wkly education column) [em]
  • Jenny 8 [sj]
  • Press Association (copy--at--pa.press.net).
  • Reuters: Eric Auchard Global Tech Correspondent
  • RTÉ News (news at rte dot ie)
  • Philly Inq (0.8M) : Tech Life (John Fried)... [no contact info]
  • United Press International (UPI) (pressreleases--at--upi.com).
  • USA Today (2M): Life editor : Susan Weiss... [no contact info]
  • World News, editor--at--wn.com.
  • WSJ (2M): Kara Swisher (has written about Wikipedia) [Joi?]

Web news sites[edit]

Major news sites[edit]


  • instapundit - [jw?]
  • volokh c - [jw]
  • joi ito
  • dwiner - +sj+
  • Boing Boing[1]: Xeni/Cory
  • Buzzmachine: Jeff Jarvis
  • shirky
  • Ross Mayfield[2]
  • Metafilter: Matt Haughey
  • Smart Mobs[3]: Howard Rheingold
  • Dan Gillmor

Other online entities[edit]

Mailing Lists

  • Dave Farber's IP [joi?]
  • Declan [joi?]
  • Wikien-l, Wikipedia-l, Foundation-l, Translators-l (separately!)

IRC channels

  • #joiito on freenode.net


  • WardCunningham - +sj+
  • Meatball : Sunir
  • Socialtext: Ross, Sunir

Local Newspapers[edit]

US Newspapers by state[edit]

Unknown Location

  • Rachel Zuckerman (Jewish Exponent) [em, jw]
  • Ben Westhoff (Riverfront Times) [em, jw]


  • Mercury News : ???
  • The Press-Enterprise, Riverside, California, United States, penews--at--pe.com


  • Hartford Courant : c goldberg (books)
  • NHaven Register : news--at--
  • The News-Times : M Langlois


  • The Washington Post : Jonathan Krim, Technology Policy Writer [em,joi]


  • The Wichita Eagle : wenews--at--wichitaeagle.com


  • Union News/Sunday republican : news--at--
  • Boston Globe : J. Sch. (Ideas Sunday ed) [ph]
    Hiawatha Bray (Boston Globe) [em,jw]
  • Boston Herald : newstips
  • news--at--capecodonline.com
  • news--at--eagletribune.com
  • New Bedford Std Times : newsroom--at--s-t.com (lib'n, gail couture)
  • Patriot Ledger : newsroom--at--ledger.com (lib'n, linda chapman)


  • Ptlnd Press Herald : herald--at--


  • Providence Journal : mail--at--projo.com Mich'l Cochran (tech & dev)
  • Burl Free Press : A. Soga (biz/tech) [ph]


  • Doug Bedell (a Dallas newspaper) [em,jw]


  • Todd Bishop (seattle post intelligencer) [em,jw]

UK Newspapers[edit]

  • Guardian online (online.feedback--at--guardian.co.uk) and (newsroom--at--guardian.co.uk).
  • The Independent (newseditor--at--independent.co.uk).
  • The Times (home.news--at--thetimes.co.uk).
  • Times Education Supplement http://www.tes.co.uk/site_information/contact_us.asp
  • Evening Standard (editor--at--thisislondon.co.uk).
  • Daily Express (news.desk--at--express.co.uk).
  • South London Press (enquiries--at--slp.co.uk).
  • Daily Mirror (mirrornews--at--mgn.co.uk and iblog--at--mirror.co.uk - net news).
  • The Sun (news--at--the-sun.co.uk).
  • Times Higher Education Supplement (l.elliotmajor--at--thes.co.uk).
  • The Scotsman (enquiries--at--scotsman.com).
  • International Herald Tribune (iht--at--iht.com).
  • Daily Record (reporters--at--dailyrecord.co.uk).
  • The Inquirer (press.releases--at--theinquirer.net).
  • Wales on Sunday (wosmail--at--wme.co.uk).
  • Birmingham News (birmingham_news--at--mrn.co.uk)
  • Birmingham Evening Mail (eveningmail--at--mrn.co.uk)
  • Belfast Telegraph (editor--at--belfasttelegraph.co.uk)
  • Belfast News Letter (editor--at--newsletter.co.uk)
  • Edinburgh Evening News (newsEN--at--scotsman.com)
  • Scottish Daily Express (scot.news--at--express.co.uk)
  • Scottish Sunday Express (scotsunday--at--express.co.uk)
  • The Guardian Weekly (weekly--at--guardian.co.uk)
  • Sunday Independent (newsdesk--at--sundayindependent.co.uk)
  • Jewish Telegraph (mail--at--jewishtelegraph.com)
  • Metro (Yorkshire) (listings--at--metroyorkshire.co.uk)
  • Metro (London) (editorial--at--londonmetro.co.uk)
  • Metro (Scotland) (editorial--at--metroscot.co.uk)
  • Metro (North West) (editorial--at--metronorthwest.co.uk)
  • Metro (North East) (editorial--at--metronortheast.co.uk)
  • Sunday Mail (online--at--sundaymail.co.uk)
  • The Mail on Sunday (letters--at--mailonsunday.co.uk)
  • The Muslim News (info--at--muslimnews.co.uk)
  • Sunday Post (mail--at--sundaypost.com)
  • Scottish Catholic Observer (editorial--at--scottishcatholicobserver.com)
  • The Sunday Times Scotland (scotland--at--sunday-times.co.uk)
  • Ulster Gazette (ulster.gazette--at--ulsternet-ni.co.uk)
  • The Telegraph (liz.lightfoot--at--telegraph.co.uk)

Other Countries[edit]


  • James Nicholson (China Tech News) [em,jw]


  • Vivian Rangel (Jornal do Brasil) [em,jw]


  • The Irish Times, Ireland, (news at irish-times d0t com)
  • The Irish Independant, Ireland, (independant.letters AT unison.independant d0t ie
  • The Irish Examiner, Ireland, (tcmtext AT tcm d0t ie [their press release address])


  • Petrina Calabalic (Banateanul) [em,jw]


College Papers[edit]

  • Yale : news--at--yaledailynews.com?
  • Harvard : harvardcrimson.com
  • MIT :
  • Stanford :
  • UTexas :
  • UMichigan :


  • Austrian radio | Sonja bettel [em,jw]
  • NPR
    Living on earth, all things considered [em]

Freelance, other[edit]

  • Sam Williams (various publications)
  • Lisa.Baertlein--at--reuters.com (Reuters)


These have much longer lead times than the preceeding; expect reports in these beasts to come out over the next two months.

Major newsmagazines[edit]

  • Newsweek - Steven Levy [em,jw]
  • Businessweek - Rob Hof [em,jw]
  • The Economist: Bill Emmott, Editor-in-Chief
  • New Scientist (news--at--newscientist.com).
  • Fortune Magazine: David Kirkpatrick

Tech magazines[edit]

  • c't - Torsten Kleinz [em,jw]
  • MIT Tech Review: alyssa danigelis [em]
  • WIRED: Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief
  • Wired News: Xeni Jardin
  • Cyberskeptics guide to internet research : www.bibliodata.com
    781-444-1154, 10x/yr (ph only; Monday morning)
  • Econtent(60d) : econtentmag.com Mid-to-sr execs investing in strategic issues in content creation/acquisition/organiz'n and distribution. b2b/b2c/within own orgs. A focus on time managemt, budget adherence; includes profiles/features on people, trends.
    Michelle Manafy : ("Edit This" column) [em]
  • California computer news(35d|?) : ccnmag.com [ph]
    broad apps for computers in biz/ed/gov. focus on CA, the Net.
    press releases : [em] | Ed-Ch : C Miller [em]
  • Computer (30-50/90d|?) : www.computer.org
    Sumi Helal, Florida [em,ph]
  • Computerworld(?|?) : cw.com Framingham, MA
    Michael gartenberg (mindspring)[em] : monthly opinions column, blogs, OS, etc.
  • Information Today(?|?) : infotoday.com (online too)
    Paula Hane - advance notice of key annoucements. include press releases in email.
    research info, digi libs and services, KM. [em, ph]
  • InformationWeek (14d|400k) :
    Tony Kontzer. Collab tools, CM, KM, groupware, impact on employee and partner-collab strategies. contact via email, any morning of the week. emerging tech. [em]
  • Smart Computing(14d) : editor--at-- fundmentals, non-tech audience.
    Kylee Dickey -- software beats, incl encyclo/ref. Very Nice. [em]
  • PC Magazine : John Dvorak
  • .net magazine (paul.douglas--at--futurenet.co.uk - the editor).
  • Internetworks magazine (lisa.jones--at--iwks.com).
  • Internet and Broadband Advisor magazine (graham.barlow--at--futurenet.co.uk).
  • PC Plus Magazine (ian.robson--at--futurenet.co.uk - editor).
  • Micromart magazine (editorial--at--micromart.co.uk).
  • Pc Pro magazine (editor--at--pcpro.co.uk).
  • Computer Shopper magazine
  • Linux Weekly News (pr--at--lwn.net).
  • Computeractive (news--at--computeractive.co.uk)

Education magazines[edit]

  • Computers in the schools(60d). [ph]
    serious discussion "for educators, admins, comp.center directors and special service providers"
  • Education Digest(60d). eddigest.com. [ph]
    "Caught on the Web" column: Carol Isakson (x207)
    "Education Resources" col: Dudley Barlow (x300)
  • Eschool news(60/120d) eschoolnews.com
    guide to buying/updating classroom tech... (wait for DVD?)
  • Homeschooling today(180d) editor--at--
  • Int'l Journ on e-Learning. aace.org, try pubs--at--aace.org (though "press-releases not accepted".)
  • Life learning: lifelearningmagazine.com 800-215-9574
    Wendy Priesnitz [em]
    info on homebased self-directed learning, how kids learn, how adults can help.
  • Scholastic Admninistr@tor Mag(?|100k): Lucille Renwick [em], exec editor.
    helping admins and tech leaders improve mgmt of schools. Effective tech and mgmt strategies. (better to contact after some experience with schools?)
  • Sociology of Education : asanet.org/soe (202)383-9005 (by the ASA [american soc. assoc])
    Forum for ed studies and human soc dev, by scholars in all social sciences. articles only.
  • T.H.E. Journal (60d): www.thejournal.com - [em]
    Forum for educators & admins to share exp. using tech to aid instruction and mgmt in class. telecom, software & courseware, etc.
  • Teaching Tolerance(?|600k): teachingtolerance.org Southern Poverty Law Center semi-annual pub (jan/sep)... for jan.
    Tim Walker [em,ph]
    dedicated to providing teach w/ideas, rsrc and strat to promote interracial and intercult harmony in the class and community. no ads :)
  • Technology and Learning(120d)  : techlearning.com X-Ed Amy Poftak [em]
    Key tech areas, best web sites. A.Poftak is into emerging tech relevant to K-12.
    please focus on applications specific to that audience.

Language magazines[edit]

  • Language magazine: languagemagazine.com 310-657-7767
    biling ed, esl and foreign-lang teaching, national policy, literaacy,
    curricula/testing, language-travel & training
    Barry Bakin, computers/hi-tech ed : [em]
  • Canadian modern language review : utpjournals.com
    bilingual journal on all aspects of lang learning and skills, psychology, ..
    [em] cmlr, upress.utoronto.ca
  • Multilingual Computing and Technology(42/56d|7k?) : info--at--multilingual.com
    Donna Parrish donna--at-- pub,editor. (also material of int to translators, & people who buy/use such tech) send press releases, etc : to info--at--

UK magazines[edit]

  • Broadband World (feedback--at--broadbandworldmagazine.co.uk)
  • Connect (connect-mag--at--futurenet.co.uk)
  • Computing (computing--at--vnu.co.uk)
  • Internet Works (cavan.scott--at--futurenet.co.uk)
  • It's on the Net (iotn--at--splpublishing.co.uk)
  • IT Week (itweek_letters--at--vnu.co.uk)
  • IT Today (cwnews--at--rbi.co.uk)
  • LinuxUser and Developer (richard--at--linuxuser.co.uk)
  • MacUser (editor--at--macuser.co.uk)
  • Palmtop User (info--at--palmtop.co.uk)
  • PC Answers (pca.inbox--at--futurenet.co.uk)
  • Publishing News (rodneyburbeck--at--publishingnews.co.uk)
  • Reader's Digest (cust_service--at--readersdigest.co.uk)
  • WebUser (editor--at--web-user.co.uk) (Published at [4], 20 September)
  • Web Active (web_letters--at--computeractive.co.uk)
  • Which? (editor--at--which.co.uk)

Press releases in other languages[edit]

for media that publish in languages other than English