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Press releases/WikiUral

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WikiUral International Competition is due to be held in the 1st half of year 2017[edit]

WikiUral contest and events logo
WikiUral contest and events logo
See contest page: WikiUral

WikiUral is a global competition aimed to enrich Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects with articles, images and other material dedicated to Ural region. Ural region is a very vast territory in the countries of Russia and Kazakhstan around lengthy Ural Mountains. These mountains are usually viewed as a notional borderline between Europe and Asia—parts of the world that together comprise continent of Eurasia, the largest on Earth.

There are many articles on Wikipedia dedicated to Ural. But there are many (maybe even more) articles that need to be created or improved. It depends on language Wikipedia edition and on overall coverage of Ural-related topics in reliable sources in corresponding languages. Indeed, Russian Wikipedia contains the largest number of such articles but still many of them are underdeveloped or even don't exist yet. The largest Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, seems to be the second largest in this topic, and probably is not as detailed as Russian—so, this looks like the way to go. There are also hundreds of other Wikipedias, so let's do it! =) Articles not less than 5 kb in size are applicable (that are not subject to deletion and urgent improvement).

WikiUral consists of 2 tours. The first tour is complete now, a number of participants wrote about half a thousand of articles, mainly in (but not limited to) Russian, Bashkir and Ukrainian languages. The winners will receive prizes from Ural—souvenirs made of Ural semi-precious stones made by Moiseikin Jewellery House!

The second tour is aimed to further enlarge the geography of Wiki authoring related to Ural. Maximum possible number of Wikipedias and Wikipedians are encouraged to participate. The contest is held until July 2017, and Award Ceremony is expected to be held afterwards in Ekaterinburg city—which is commonly called the Capital of Ural. For those winners unable to attend, prizes may be delivered in any location of the world (unless there is force majeure).

All Wikimedia chapters are invited to participate and co-operate. Wikipedia Asian Month cooperation is also planned.

Organizers: Wikimedia RU, Moiseikin Jewellery House, Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company and sponsors (see WikiUral page for the full list). Welcome!

Note: This press release was published at '14:04, 1 December 2016 (UTC)'.