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This page is a translated version of the page Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms and the translation is 93% complete.

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w:en:API“应用编程接口”或称“API”是允许软件的组件互相通信的通信协议。例如,Mediawiki API允许第三方软件工具和Mediawiki网站(包括维基媒体网站)通信以执行特定的操作,如远程自动读取或编辑页面。在维基百科了解更多


“浏览器”是一种人们通常用于访问Internet的软件。常见的浏览器包括ChromeFirefoxSafariInternet Explorer了解更多


“cookie”是我们传送至你的计算机、移动电话或任何其他你用于访问维基媒体网站的设备上的极小的数据文件。每个cookie会在一段特定期间后失效,但那个期间的长度取决于cookie的用途和你的浏览器的设置。“会话”cookie是通常在你关闭你的网页浏览器或移动应用程序时失效的cookie。“长期”cookie是会在你关闭你的浏览器或移动应用程序后在你的设备上保留一段时间的cookie。 one that remains in your device, even after you close your browser or mobile application. 长期cookie在我们设定的期间后(或当你手工删除时)停止作用。 expires according to the duration set by us (or when you delete it manually). 了解更多


Do Not Track[edit]

"Do Not Track" or "DNT" is a way for your web browser to tell the website you are visiting that you do not want to be be tracked by third parties whose websites you did not visit, like analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms. When using this mechanism, a signal is sent by your browser, expressing your desire that your personal information, particularly about your online activities and network interactions, should not be passed on to third parties. When receiving a DNT signal sent by your browser, the person or entity that owns the website has the option to either honor or ignore the above-mentioned request.


“全球定位系统”或称“GPS”是一个空间卫星导航系统, “GPS” is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information on the location of devices designed to receive their signals such as car navigation systems or cell phones. 了解更多

Internet协议地址 Internet协议地址(或称“IP地址”)is a unique number assigned to a particular device connected to the Internet. Your IP address may not always be the same on a particular device, depending on a number of variables such as your use of a proxy server or a corporate network. Generally, however, IP addresses are assigned according to the geographical location of your device and might be to able to approximate your real-life location. 了解更多.

Javascript “Javascript”是一种用于大多数网站的标准软件编程语言。了解更多

本地存储 “本地存储” is a way for a website to collect and store information "locally" (i.e. on the user's device rather than on the website’s server) and then later retrieve it again. For example, by using LocalStorage, a user’s visits can be stored on their own computer, counted, and then given to us. This allow us to receive important use statistics (the count of visits), while the specific information about when each individual visit occurred would never be transmitted to us.

资料数据 “资料数据”是指关于某个特定文件(例如一张照片或一段视频)的附加信息,通常包括你拍摄照片所用设备的制造商和型号,照片拍摄的日期和时间,曝光时间,镜头焦距,ISO速度值和F值等信息。某些资料数据是设备自动添加的,而某些是设备的所有人写入的。了解更多

操作系统 An “operating system” is a software program that manages your device’s hardware resources and performs basic tasks like keeping track of files, recognizing when you type something into the keyboard, and sending output to your screen. Examples of common operating systems include Linux (also known as GNU/Linux), iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. Learn more on Wikipedia.

代理服务器 A “proxy server” is a server that acts as an intermediary between your device and the server your device is requesting information (connection to a webpage, a file, etc.) from. Learn more on Wikipedia.

追踪像素 “追踪像素”(有时被称作“网页浮标”、“透明GIF”、“像素GIF”或“像素标签”)is a tiny, invisible image that allows us to track activities on Wikimedia Sites or activities based on email notifications we send. Although tracking pixels are commonly associated with advertising, we never use tracking pixels for advertising nor do we sell or rent the information collected through tracking pixels. Information collected through tracking pixels can only be shared with third parties in aggregated form and in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Tracking pixels help us figure out if certain features, notifications, and products are effective and if they can be improved. 了解更多

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