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Project Tiger Community Consultation is a consultation program that will take place on 2-3 March 2019 at Chennai, India. The objectives of this workshop are Revisit Project Tiger edit-a-thon, Presentation by the participants about their individual and community performance and discussion about the Glow project to increasing Local Language Content on Wikipedia.

Event details[edit]

  • Date: 2-3 March 2019
  • City: Chennai
  • Venue: Hotel Abu Sarovar Portico 926, Poonamallee High Road, Near Sangam Theater Kilpauk, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600084
  • Google Map link:


Participants list will be updated. The participants are invited directly based on their contribution to the Project Tiger edit-a-thon.

Community User name
CIS-A2K Team
Wikimedia India
Project Tiger Coordinator


From Airport[edit]

Venue is around 20 kms from airport. Travel options are taxi service like Uber/Ola or Metro. Maximum time taken will be 1 hour. [2] [3]

From Railway station (Chennai Central)[edit]

Venue is around 7 kms far from Chennai Central railway station. Travel option is taxi service like Ola or Uber. [4]

From Bus station (Koyambedu)[edit]

Venue is around 8 kms far from Koyambedu bus station. Travel option is taxi service like Ola/Uber or metro. [5] [6]


Weather in Chennai is expected to be warmer. In the day time highest 34 degree celsius and lowest 25 is reported according to accuweather. [7] Please carry enough water with you and please consume more water to keep away your body from dehydration.

Pre-work for the participant[edit]

Pre-work is a work/task you need to do before coming to the event. The work is preparing a presentation (ppt or any such presentation format will work) on these four points:

  1. Participant's participation in Project Tiger edit-a-thon (how she/he participated, her/his contribution, her/his motivation)
  2. Participant's community's participation (the way their community participated and encouraged each other, also the team-work)
  3. Participant's learnings in the edit-a-thon
  4. challenges that Participant's faced during the edit-a-thon

Everyone is supposed to create a separate presentation. That presentation can also present in any Indian language such as Kannada, Hindi, Telugu.


Day 1

  • Welcome and Introduction: by Tanveer and Tito (maximum 20 minutes)
  • Participants' presentation: individual and may include a panel discussion: Participants are expected to speak and discuss their participation, experience, and learning (3-4 hours minimum)
  • Better content creation: guide, tips and tricks: AshLin

Day 2

  • Group discussion and presentation - Participants possible requirement in Project Tiger 2.0
  • Better content creation: guide, tips and tricks: AshLin (minimum 2 hours)
  • How to automate the work with Google spreadsheet: Viswaprabha


Project Tiger Community Consultation took place at Hotel Abu Sarovar Portico, Chennai on 2 March 2019 and 3 March 2019 (1 March 2019 was day 0)

Day 0[edit]

When the Project Tiger Community Consultation was planned CIS-A2K requested participants to arrive at the venue one day before the program. This will help the participants to prepare mentally also to exchange ideas and their works with other participants.
On day 0 initially Viswaprabha started the session talking to the participants how Wikipedia is important in local language and how it is important than English Wikipedia. Then Tito welcomed conducted the formal welcome session. In this introduction session a small intro was given to the Project Tiger program. Then mainly he spoke about what is going to happen in next two days. He quickly spoke about Day 01 plans. Then a brief introduction was given about Code of Conduct. After these program participants introduced them self to each other.

Day 01[edit]

The first day program started at 10:00 AM. Participants arrived on time. Welcoming everyone, Tito Dutta gave a brief introduction on what is Project Tiger Community Consultation and why CIS-A2K is conducting this event. After that session participants started introducing them self. In this introduction participants introduced about their name, Wiki user name and few interesting facts about them. This was important for the participants to understand each other and know about their Wiki activity as well as their interest apart from Wiki. This introduction session took little longer time than expected. After introduction Gopala briefed Code of Conduct. After introduction session there was a short break for tea.
After the tea, a panel discussion took place. The panel discussion was lead by Tito. In the panel Tanveer Hasan, Viswaprabha and Gopalakrishna was present. Tito specially thanked Ravishankar for the planning of the Project Tiger. Tito asked several questions about how articles were created? How hardware support was helpful for the Project Tiger Editathon 2018 was discussed. Tanveer explained why we brought this pilot project instead giving hardware support with existing Wikimedia Foundation fund. From these panel discussion we came to know why Malayalam and Tamil community discussed why few of them did not take part in the edit-a-thon. Also discussed how the articles list was improved during edit-a-thon. Bengali community came-up with the challenges with prize distribution to Bangladesh participants. Later this panel discussion lunch was served.
After the lunch each community participants presented their presentation. From this CIS-A2K came to know about the difficulties that communities faced during the edit-a-thon. In this we mainly noticed about the community was not happy with the articles list.
Next session was conducted by AshLin. He spoke about how to start and article? What is neutral point of view, venerability, original research and etc. He also spoke about notability on Wikipedia. Later he spoke about what are the vital skills required to create an article on Wikipedia. He gave explanation about stub and different classes articles. After this session Tito thanked and closed the day one.

Day 02[edit]

On second day Tito started the session at 10:00 AM. Few participants arrived very late. Tito welcomed everyone and started the group discussion. In the group discussion each team concentrated about how next Project Tiger support should be given. Main focused area by each team is

  • There can be different article list such as local list that Wikipedia should have. And a national level list every Indian Wikipedia should have. And final list that is a general list provided by Google.
  • A better hardware support can be given.

After the group presentation Viswaprabha took a short session on how to automate the Wikipedia updates and curate articles list using Google Spreadsheet.
This session was followed by lunch break.
Afternoon session was conducted by AshLin. In this session he covered vital skills required to create an article. He taught how to create a stub. Then how to improve that stub article. He also spoke about creating articles for newbies and students. Then he covered how to improve and article in different stages. How to improve a good article. How to improve that good article to featured article level. He introduced Wiki Project India. He showed statistics of Wiki Project India.
Few participants left during this session to match their travel timing. In the end Tito thanked everyone for participating in the consultation program.


Thanks for participating in the Project Tiger community consultation. Please fill the form below to share your valuable feedback.

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Code of Conduct[edit]

Please read and follow the Code of Conduct (COC) during the event. The link is here.

Mailing list announcement[edit]

Here is the link to Wikimedia India mailing list announcement.