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Project Tiger writing contest focuses on creating locally relevant articles that are most sought out by users online but not yet present in Indian language Wikipedias. By this focus, we hope to serve as many people with free knowledge. Therefore, we encourage you to choose topics of interest from the suggested lists of articles only.

Please click the following links to find the topics for each language.

  • Bengali (More topics added!)
  • English - English Wikipedia does not have a separate list of topics. Contributors can create or expand articles from all the topics given for other languages here.
  • Gujarati (More topics added!)
  • Hindi (More topics added!)
  • Kannada (More topics added!)
  • Malayalam (More topics added!)
  • Marathi (More topics added!) (Local list available) (More topics added!)
  • Odia (More topics added!)
  • Punjabi (More topics added!)
  • Sanskrit (More topics added!)
  • Tamil (More topics added!)
  • Telugu (More topics added!)
  • Urdu (More topics added!)
  • Sindhi (More topics added!)

New: Check the priority order for global topics for all languages!